Doing the Lord’s Work: Moutaindewgong’s CSI Cyber Shorthand

Patrica Arquette and James Van Der Beek on CSI: Cyber
CSI: Cyber (Photo: CBS)

CSI Cyber Blackhat has a Flashdrive jargon problem Firewall. One Youtube Whitehat user shows us Deep Web just how bad BLACKHAT it is.

Are you watching CSI Cyber? No, of course not. You are a person of great taste and distinction. (I love what you have done with your hair, by the way.) I mean, why would you waste an hour of your life each week to watch Academy Award Winner Patricia Arquette screaming “blackhat” multiple times an episode.

Okay, bad example. But still. The goofy premise of the show is made all the goofier because of all the technobabble peppered throughout the hackneyed dialogue. The good news: if you only want the technobabble, a Youtube user named Mountaindewgong has you covered.

This user has gone through episodes 4 and 5 to remove all the cereal from CSI Cyber‘s Lucky Charms, leaving only the jargony marshmallows. Watch:

BLACKHAT BLACKHAT BLACKHAT! Not you, Moutaindewgong: you are doing the Lord’s work.

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