5 Awesome Things About Scandal: Diego Munoz?!

Scandal (Photo: Nicole Wilder / ABC)
Scandal (Photo: Nicole Wilder / ABC)

This week on┬áScandal, love like no one’s judging, lie like no one’s listening, and laugh like no one can hear you snort.

This week on Scandal, love like no one’s judging, lie like no one’s listening, and laugh like no one can hear you snort. ┬áSenator Susan Ross is being presented as the next Vice President of the United States. That’s right, awkward Susan Ross who snorts when she laughs at press conferences and can’t keep her ‘word vomit’ in check. She’s seemingly out of place at the head of the executive class, but something tells me there’s a lot more we don’t know.

Meanwhile, Rose (Marla Gibbs of television’s 227 and The Jeffersons fame) the dear friend of Olivia’s dearly departed (err murdered) neighbor, has returned. Rose explains that she and the neighbor, Lois, talked every morning, had lunch every afternoon and dinner every night so obviously she’s worried as she hasn’t her from in a while. Well, she hasn’t heard from her since Olivia’s kidnappers used Lois’s apartment as their base to capture Olivia and killed Lois on their way out. Now Olivia has left her apartment with the 5 deadbolt locks and returned to the office to find Lois’s body and make things right…ish.

In other news, Huck’s wife, or ex-wife? – she’s come to Attorney General David Rosen’s office with info that her husband was part of a secret agency…called B613. Awesome.

If my husband, or ex-husband, is in a secret agency I’m going to keep that secret. Maybe Huck’s wife is in denial, but he and his secret agency have let her live and kept files where she could find them, so Shhhhhh Lady!

Huck’s real name is Diego Munoz.

Susan Ross’s laugh/snort went viral and she’s in Jimmy Kimmel Live.

‘Stop telling the truth!’ Abby and Leo are trying to get Susan Ross confirmed, like Republican, Tea Party, Bible Belt confirmed and Ross needs a pee break.

‘It was hard enough to be black, let alone black and gay…I waited over forty years for my Lois, Miss Pope, I think I can wait a bit longer…But no, I never moved in, she kept that place way too hot.’ Because it was the ’60’s and Lois’s family moved her away and she got married and then her husband died and then she called Rose and Rose got on a plane so they could be together.’ Come on Olivia, find Rose’s Lois, or her body, or her joint replacement with its serial number, or at least find the trail, at least let her have closure.

‘Go to the Hill and beg them to forgive you,’ The Senate hates President Fitzgerald Grant. That’s why they might not vote to confirm Senator Ross as Vice President. Fitz
flip flopped on the war in West Angola a few too many times trying I save his mistress, apparently Congress doesn’t like that. Wonder what they’ve done for THEIR mistresses?

Honorable Mention: ‘It was too dark to see.’ Jake, David Rosen and Huck decide it best for Huck to testify about B613, but to lie and say he’s just a soldier with PTSD. Unfortunately, it’s all too much and Huck begins to tell all, about how they broke him by keeping him in ‘the hole’ and other super secret tidbits, on the record.

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