5 Awesome Things When Scandal is Ripped from The Headlines

Mellie working the cameras on Scandal.
Scandal (Photo: Nicole Wilder / ABC)

This week’s episode of Scandal is ripped from the headlines.  An African American teenager is shot by a white cop in a major city.  Sound familiar?  This one will keep us talking for a while.

Ripped from the headlines.  This week on Scandal, Olivia arrives to help a different kind of hostage situation.  A black teenage boy, Brandon Parker, has been shot and killed by a police officer while reaching for what the officer thought was a weapon.  As the police seal of the area, the teenager’s father (played by Courtney B. Vance) arrives firing a shot in the air and taking position in a lawn chair atop his son’s body until the officer responsible is brought to justice.

Olivia has been hired by the police department, but is met by a community activist rallying the neighborhood in support of father, Clarence Parker, and son.  Olivia then stands, literally and figuratively, in the middle.

1) Olivia is back to being a ‘down ass chick’ and fixing scandals!   Dear Shonda, please no more highly unlikely story arcs where there are kidnapping and black market hostage auctions.  This ‘Law & Order’ -esque episode is much better.

2) The community activist combating Olivia Pope found the name of the officer who shot Brandon on LinkedIn.  Product placement?

3) ‘I prostituted myself so you could get your mistress back.’  In the midst of the chaos in the street and viral video from a popular governor in support of justice.  Fitz is now looking at a young female Latina governor as the potential next Vice President and Mellie is not happy he’s seemingly backing out of their deal.  Mellie for President, right? Can you see the spinoff?

4) ‘He doesn’t carry a knife.’ When Mr. Parker finds a knife underneath Brandon’s body.  Olivia, this is the part where we remove the knife and test it for fingerprints at a private lab not run by DC Metro Police, right? No?  For someone paid to handle scandals, someone isn’t in tune with evidence tampering.

5) Olivia hands Mr. Parker the object the police office thought was a knife, it’s a piece receipt, for the cell phone the police officer was chasing him for allegedly stealing.  Apparently the cop took a knife from a man he’d already arrested it and planted it on Brandon’s body.  And then Olivia invites Mr. Parker to meet the President, another father, who’s lost his son. Penny for your thoughts?

Honorable Mention: Mellie continues her push for the Presidency by convincing Fitz to offer the Vice Presidency to Senator Susan Ross, the world’s most awkward choice for the Office.  She’s admittedly terrible at talking and admittedly doesn’t want the job.  On to the next?

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