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Improbable? Index: The Walking Dead's "Remember" | What Else is On

Improbable? Index: The Walking Dead’s “Remember”

The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page / AMC)
The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page / AMC)

On The Walking Dead, we finally see what the deal is with Alexandria. Is it too good to be true?

We can all agree that there are certain aspects of AMC’s The Walking Dead that seem a little, shall we say, far-fetched. The most improbable of these scenarios will be reviewed here each week.

“Too Long, Didn’t Watch” Episode Recap

Rick and the gang are welcomed into Alexandria, which has hot showers, razors, and toothbrushes for our intrepid band of warriors. After meeting with the leader and the townspeople, it seems that this place might be the real deal. There are some stupid folks, but oh well. Rick and Michonne are made the town constables, which ought to be interesting. Presumably Daryl is appointed the official possum killer of Alexandria, although he is dangerously overqualified.

Mildly Improbable

Deanna Monroe is the leader of Alexandria, and a former congresswoman from Ohio. In the comics, she was a man. Hopefully she will be a pervert like the comic version, at least.

I know Daryl is country as f***, but he could at least gut the possum on the lawn, not the porch.

Carl, I know it’s been a while since you’ve seen a teenage girl, but you should not be secretly stalking anyone in this zombie-ridden world. That’s a good way to get stabbed.

Pretty Improbable

Mind if I film our interview? Yep, this is how we use electricity in the apocalypse.

Rick shaved! And he. Looks. HOT. Now we must get haircuts for Daryl and Carl. Yikes.

Daryl claims he has taken a shower. Dude, you are literally encrusted in filth. You ain’t fooling anyone.

Extremely Improbable

“I am extremely good at reading people. If I didn’t get reelected, I was gonna become a professional poker player. I’M NOT KIDDING.” No actual politician is that awesome.

They had to give up their guns, but Michonne was allowed to keep her sword? Fools. Michonne is at least as deadly as any machine gun.


Carol says in her interview that she misses her husband, “that stupid, wonderful man,” every day. Ed was an abusive sack of shit, so obviously Carol is a big ol’ liar. But why lie? What are you up to, you sly little kitten?

This dumbass in charge of supply runs thinks he can “punish” a walker who “killed” his “friend.” This is why your “friends” have ended up dead, dawg. You kill the walkers and move on with your lives, you don’t try to string them up and treat them like prisoners.

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