5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville: After Edgehill

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Luke is surpassing Teddy as my love-to-hate sad sack. Will’s on country radio promoting his new single, Layla’s waking up to an awkward “morning after” with Jeff, Rayna and Bucky are celebrating Jeff’s job loss, and Luke is about to finish recording his latest album when the big news breaks – Benton Media is dissolving Edgehill records. Bucky (who’s just been promoted to Highway 65’s head of A&R) advises his boss Rayna (who’s super bummed about her former label’s demise) that she oughta buy out Edgehill’s back catalog and sign Will. At the same time, Jeff suggests to Luke that he buy his own masters, start a label with Will, and hire himself as the business guy. Luke’s game for that plan, though he scoffs at the notion of signing Jeff’s friend-with-benefits Layla. Will is somewhat bewildered when he’s inundated with offers from Luke, Rayna and every other label in town.

Meanwhile in Music City… hormonal Juliette is sick of tabloids obsessing over her weight and considers ditching a prenatal Vogue photo shoot. Dr. Rand tells Deacon he can partake of an experimental cancer treatment, but he’ll have to forego a liver transplant for at least six months. Having two tough, no-guarantee choices just makes Deacon angry, and his anger makes Scarlett weepy. Sadie presents Pete’s cease and desist order to Rayna and details the history of their abusive marriage. Rayna morphs into Mama Bear mode and calls in a lawyer. Producer Avery calls in Deacon to record guitar tracks for Sadie’s album. While Deacon appreciates the distraction from his health problems, his control-freakiness irritates Avery. Mayor Teddy worries that Jeff may yet divulge his dalliance with a prostitute. Gunnar (who’s still depressed about his dead brother’s affair with ex-girlfriend Kylie) runs into sobbing Scarlett, and suggests they and Avery get the band back together for a rousing Bluebird open mic. Since the cease and desist order has put Avery temporarily out of work, he’s up for it.

Then there’s lonely, forgotten Layla. Jeff suggests she audition for Highway 65 because Rayna is “a sucker for a woman in need.” Rayna’s interested but Bucky thinks she’d be nuts to sign another lady, and a reality TV has-been at that. Doesn’t he know by now that Mama Bear is always right?

Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Juliette’s LOL Moment of the Week What’s more annoying than being third-trimester pregnant? People talking about your body when you’re third-trimester pregnant. The Vogue photographer’s a creep, asking Jules to play sexy to the camera and interjecting prompts like, “Let’s show off that baby bump, babe.” When Jules bristles, this exchange occurs:

Photographer: Look, babe, what can I do to make you feel better here?
Juliette: Well, you can stop calling me babe. (Cut to Juliettte slamming the door in his stupid face.)

Ah, if only all preggo ladies could be that rich, powerful and just a smidge self-destructive.

Rayna channels Lamar Rayna has no qualms about using Highway 65’s cash to work out a settlement that gets rid of Pete. He smirks his way through their meeting and taunts Sadie as he signs the papers. But before he can walk away, Rayna calls him back with a warning that sounds an awful lot like her devious dead dad. “I’m not exactly sure what your problem is. Maybe the good lord only gave you two inches… But I’ll tell you one thing, you ever try to contact my friend again or in any way mess with her, I will make it my mission to ruin you. And unlike you, I actually have the power to do it.”1 RAWR, MAMA BEAR ANGRY!

Luke’s label is totally effed from the get Let us count the ways –

– He’s calling it Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records. GROAN2
– The dealmaker moment — right before he calls Jeff to say he’s in — is when he runs into Rayna, which makes him sad. Sad is a feeling. AND REAL MEN CAN’T HAVE FEELINGS, so he manages that emotion by embarking on a life-changing business venture. Brilliant.
– Will decides to sign with Luke so he can work with Jeff, because at least Jeff knows he’s secretly gay and never threw him under the bus. When “working with Jeff” is your label’s major draw, you’re in trouble.
– Luke immediately fires Jeff, because no one wants to work with the guy who tanked Edgehill… except Will (his only other big star), who is now stuck with this insecure dumbum of a boss and no ally.

Luke is surpassing Teddy as my love-to-hate sad sack.3

Scarlett branches out Early in the episode, dreamy Dr. Rand tells Scarlett that she oughtn’t let Deacon’s drama consume her life. She takes his advice to heart, hence the open mic night with bandmates (and ex-boyfriends) Gunnar and Avery. She has so much fun onstage,4 she even considers making it a regular gig. She then raises the ante by personally thanking the good doctor for his advice and asking him out on a date. THANK JEEBUS! Once Scarlett and Gunnar both became single and miserable, I thought for sure they were bound for more ill-advised trauma sex. Nice to see Blondie getting some action outside the angsty musician pool.

Team Jayla Of course, Rayna loves Layla’s demo and wants to sign her. Happy news for Ms. Grant, but now her bed buddy Jeff is out of a job. Layla’s grateful for his help, so she asks him to be her manager. And thus, Team Jayla is born. Mama Bear’s gonna be sooooo crabby…

  1. This rant is even better when read in a Powers Boothe voice.  
  2. Get it? Cuz he’s Luke WHEELer!  
  3. Teddy BTW is being surveilled, which we learn when he visits Natasha the prostitute to beg her for her silence #SadSack4Eva  
  4. No nervous breakdown under a piano here!  

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