5 Awesome Things About Scandal: Taken 3.5

Oh, hai Mama Pope. AHHH! Mama Pope is back on Scandal!
Scandal (Photo: Mitchell Haaseth / ABC)

This week Scandal becomes the third-and-a-half incarnation of the movie Taken.

This week on Scandal aren’t we all just ready for Liv to come home?  Abby just now finds out Olivia is missing. Fitz has the Navy Seals take over his protective detail. Mellie made it so the Vice President is prepared to resign. Unfortunately, Olivia’s captor isn’t letting the VP run the show anymore. Just before the world auction for Olivia Pope starts, her captor’s henchman kills the #1 and takes over. This guy isn’t willing to work with her. Vice President Andrew Nichols isn’t ready to resign without a fight so Cyrus goes to Elizabeth North (di Rossi) for help before she leaves the country.

Maya Pope has info Attorney General David Rosen and Pope & Associates want an ‘in’ to the Olivia Pope Auction. In return, Mama Pope would like a library and fellow prisoners, but she’ll settle for cable. So Maya sets up Huck and Jake to kill a few drug lords as payment to another drug lord who can gain access. It’s a dicey deal because once Huck gets the taste of murder again he’s covered in blood and Jake has to pry a meat clever out of his hands.

Meanwhile, back at who’s got the biggest black market bank account, Liv tries to convince the two hackers actually running the auction to sway it in her favor as the new head henchman will kill them anyway. She’s underestimated their financial drive. Before Huck can hack in, the henchman has sold Olivia…to Iran. The Feds would like to eliminate the asset, the President would like to retrieve the asset. Fitz says it’s because he’s risked so many lives to get her back because their sacrifice has to mean something. Awesome.

Abby Pope? Abby strutting into Pope & Associates looking like the second coming of Olivia. Except she doesn’t have any idea where Liv is. Her apartment looks like she left in a hurry.

‘Who has more money than the United States?’ China, United Arab Emirates…oh you didn’t really want a list. Fitz decides to get into the bidding war for Olivia, but can the good ‘ole USA afford her?

The ‘Dark Net.’ A part of the internet no one can access without a secret code? Is this real life? The President can’t be seen negotiating with terrorists, so he’ll have other terrorists negotiate for him.

Quinn: “Who has money? I have student loans. And no matter how many times you switch identities Sallie Mae WILL find you.” Isn’t that the truth! Apparently now what’s left of Pope & Associates ( and Jake) are going to pool resources to bid on Liv. Luckily Huck has a few billion courtesy of closing down B613. He calls it “back pay.”

“He chose you because he thought you would be loyal.”
“That’s probably why he chose you.” Mellie and The Vice President, sitting in a tree.

Honorable Mention: Mean Mellie, The First Lady meets every plane coming back to DC with fallen soldiers. Maybe she’ll really save our souls afterall.

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