5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville: After Ruke

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Ruke may be over, but the drama’s just beginningMoments after dumping Luke, Rayna phones manager Bucky to tell him the wedding’s off. But given that Bucky already heard from Luke’s angry manager, it doesn’t look like Mr. Wheeler is taking the high road. Indeed, we next see the former groom crashing his SUV into the cake table.1 Layla is hospitalized and unconscious after nearly drowning at a party, but at least she isn’t dead; the doctor tells secretly gay husband Will this is lucky considering the pill-booze cocktail she ingested. Mayor Teddy immediately enlists the Nashville Police Department in quietly handling any part of the party incident that might make friend/fellow prostitute enthusiast/skeevy exec Jeff look bad. Newlyweds Julliette and Avery begin moving his things into her mansion; hijinx ensue! Uncle Gunnar is still trying to get custody of Micah, but can’t bring himself to tell the kid that he isn’t really his dad. Daphne is pissed that her mom won’t be marrying Luke while Maddie’s pissed that she won’t be marrying Deacon instead. Luke makes similar crazy assumptions about Rayna and Deacon, leading to an altercation on Mr. Claybourne’s front lawn.

After her abusive ex punches her in the eye, Sadie buys a gun and spends lots of time hiding in her house. When Layla regains consciousness, she tells Will she saw him sexing the lady reporter at the party, adding, “Your secret is killing me.” Luke’s people send Rayna a phonebook-sized wedding bill. When a video of Deacon and Luke’s altercation goes viral, she decides she needs to talk her ex-fiancee down. Maddie and secret boyfriend/former future stepbrother Colt get into a fight about their parents’ break-up. Will wants to finally do right by Layla and asks for Jeff’s help. Rayna finds Luke pouting and playing with guns on his estate. When he infers that she used their relationship to make herself more commercially successful, she bolts. After trying unsuccessfully to catch Rayna at home, Deacon goes to the doctor and learns he needs a liver transplant. Following Rayna’s diplomatic statement to the press re: the end of Ruke, Luke decides to spin the story by throwing an impromptu party for the first 500 randos who show up at his ranch. Even Colt and Sage see this as a desperate, pathetic ploy. After all, what’s a party without cake?

Here are five awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Deacon punches Luke It takes a lot to make sober Deacon violent. Even seeing his One True Love’s (ex-)fiancee come barging through his front door doesn’t inspire physical rage. He’s just excited that Rayna broke it off and he never has to play nice with his enemy again. But what ultimately ignites Deacon’s ire is when Luke mutters, “I should have known better than to go sniffing around that bitch.” Luke’s nose, meet Deacon’s fist. For real, can you even imagine someone as regal as Rayna being married to this douche?

Bucky throws shade When Rayna comes home from her unfortunate afternoon meeting with Luke, Bucky advises her to get in front of the story and make a statement to the press ASAP. She takes this to mean “right now” and starts tromping down to the front gate where the paparazzi have gathered. Bucky tries to intercede. “Maybe we should take a breath, you know, call a press conference. You could rest a little bit, maybe — I don’t know — change your clothes.” Seriously, nothing says “I’ve hurled myself from the precipice” quite like Rayna’s raggedy Matrix rebel sweater and bomber jacket combo.

Jeff uses his evil for good Our skeevy exec meets with the producer of Will and Layla’s reality show and tells her it’s cancelled. He knows all about the hidden camera coming out video, and how she used it to blackmail them into continuing with the show. He then offers a bribe to make that footage go away forever. Even if this is just cutthroat business sense at work, it’s always nice to see an evil character stick it to an even more evil character for the sake of a less evil character. But then we later catch Jeff hanging out at sleeping Layla’s hospital bedside, so it seems like he might be working off of some emotional interest at well. Aw, what a perfectly matched/disgusting couple they’ll make!

I’m starting to like Gunnar again Avery’s mad at his bride for not wanting to incorporate his pea green Brady Bunch family room chair in her stylish, all-white mansion. So he goes to Gunnar’s house to whine about it. By this point, Gunnar has told Micah the truth about their relationship and the kid is both furious and eager to get away from him. He confides this to Avery, who suddenly feels pretty dumb about his furniture struggle. Doesn’t matter. Gunnar notices the wedding ring, learns his buddy just got hitched, and topples him over with a super snuggly bear hug. Lied-to, lonely, and heartbroken, Gunnar can still be happy for his friend. What a mensch.

Deacon doesn’t tell Rayna When the two finally get together at Deacon’s house, she confesses that she loves him and always has. But there’s still that problem of their tortured past and how she just left some other dude at the altar, so she asks for a little time. He kindly obliges, mentioning nothing of the fact that he’ll likely die if he doesn’t find a type O liver donor STAT. As he later explains to Scarlett, he doesn’t want Rayna feeling sorry for him. Oh, Deacon, you chivalrous fool – life is short (perhaps really short) AND YOU SO COULD’VE GOTTEN LAID. At least next week’s preview shows teary Rayna withholding truths from Maddie, so maybe there’s some hot pity sexing on the horizon.

  1. Thank goodness it was an outdoor wedding!  

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