State of State of Affairs: The Faithful

Tommy Savas on NBC's State of Affairs
State of Affairs (Photo: NBC)

Given how often this show tests my patience, I suppose I’m one of them.

This week on State of Affairs, our two big (huge!) plots wind towards each other, and 1.5 of our secondary storylines are vaguely mentioned. Plus Charlie goes coldly psycho on a guy! It was like a network version of Homeland which is probably how this show was pitched at some point in time.

The American terrorist cell manages a jail break, although only one of them makes it out alive. When he’s finally caught, Charlie makes Other Suit Guy rather uncomfortable with some shooting and some light torturing and it’s totally cool because the kid flips like a flapjack and warns the Sheik Hardlyeverseen is the one who ultimately gives the order for the next mass bombing. Meanwhile Nick and Omar are less than an hour away from meeting the Sheik somewhere in the jungle. That’s a legitimate summary of that storyline, although it fails to capture a few, shall we say, moments. See below.

Big Bird is… I have no idea why he was in this episode, but the First Hubby doesn’t even make an appearance so thank goodness for small very small favors. James Remar gets smoothly strong-armed by Adam Arkin for Reasons To Be Explained. Matthew Freakin’ Lillard got one brief scene. Cute, solid, very well delivered all around, I want more. Do you hear me State of Affairs? More Matthew Freakin’ Lillard! Is that too much to ask?1 Meanwhile Chief of Staff Jawline and POTUS disagree about opening her up to a no holds barred live interview in order to keep the media off the trail of Nick’s mission.2 But it’s all for naught (maybe) as the episode ends with POTUS ditching the interview and going into the situation room to oversee the strike on the Sheik.

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: Omar. All Omar. Still not sure if he’s working for or against the U.S.? He just cut himself open with a machete to provide a cover story for Nick!3 And then he gets all wild eyed in whipping the troops into a frenzy so that you’re still not sure if he’s working for or against the U.S. Omar is my new Big Bird, who was my new James Remar. At least State of Affairs keeps replacing its compelling secondary and tertiary characters.

Level of Ridiculousness Meter: We can start with how seven high value detainees are being transported together, with minimal restraints, and apparently no divider between them and the driver. Then we can move on to the CIA liaison team getting fully secured wireless service in the middle of nowhere, and cell service even deeper in the nowhere. And the quick turnaround of the previously fanatically committed domestic terrorist.4 Oh, and the PDB team hasn’t done any B-ing in weeks, best I can tell. This episode was approaching NCIS:NOLA territory.

Secretly Bananas Meter: Did you know that Circus Peanuts candy is supposed to be banana flavored? It was that level of secret this week.

  1. Note: I ask nothing of this show, as it clearly isn’t listening to anyone, or anything, but its own bananas heart.  
  2. He makes a really good point that keeping one thing off limits – the dead contractor in the Phillipines – far from guarantees that other questions won’t expose the same truths.  
  3. nee Whatshisprettyface.  
  4. Although that was a very solid, scary scene from Heigl.  

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