Eurovision First Listen: Georgia Picks Their “Warrior”

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Logo: Eurovision)
Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (Logo: Eurovision)

The latest entry for Eurovision 2015 comes from Georgia, who have selected Nina Sublatti’s “Warrior.”

The latest entry for Eurovision 2015 comes from Georgia, who has selected Nina Sublatti’s “Warrior.” It’s a realllllly bad sign when the first thing you think upon listening to a song is “wait, isn’t this pretty much the same song Belarus selected a couple of weeks ago?” In case you were also wondering that: no, it is not the same. “Warrior” does feel incredibly Eurovigeneric,1 though, right down to the dubstep-womp-womp interlude after the second verse/chorus repetition.

(Dubstep-womp-womp, if you didn’t know, is the new key change.) As Mike reminded me, even its name isn’t original among Eurovision entries for this year. Maybe we can get the two “Warrior” entries to lip sync for their lives, a la Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Who’s with me?!

I can see Georgia getting through to the finals, but only if they’re willing to make a number of improvements. Nina’s leather dress is great and she knows how to sell the song, but she could use a new beat,2 appropriately-clad3 dancers, and some decent staging4 to make this a watchable performance. Also: the lyrics are … well, they’re terrible. At first I thought she was saying “oscillated” … it turns out that “oximated” is actually an English word, but I’m still unclear about what it means in the context of this song.

I appreciate that Georgia hasn’t been afraid to set themselves apart from the crowd the past few years, including last year’s truly bizarre “Three Minutes to Earth.” Unfortunately this entry isn’t awful, it’s just boring. Frankly, that’s the worst thing you can be at Eurovision. On the upside, there’s virtually zero chance that Georgia will be burdened with hosting duties in 2016.

  1. Eurovision generic. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.  
  2. One Two-and Three Four is not going to cut it, Georgia.  
  3. Half-clad?  
  4. i.e. lots of fireworks.  

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