State of State of Affairs Report: Jack’s Back

State of Affairs has a staring contest with the viewers, and we blinked.
State of Affairs (Photo: NBC Universal)

So many stoic faces, so little time.

A still-active FARC kidnap everyone’s favorite Special Forces stud from the Panamanian prison in which he’s been languishing for weeks while a possible smallpox outbreak goes continually unmentioned. 

<sounds of wheezing breathing as your reviewer momentarily overexcited themselves>

This is a fascinating twist and a great way to reintroduce what had seemed to be a vital character. Although it does come on the heels of Whatshisprettyface taking a huge risk and going alone to meet the guy who can get them to the guy who knows the guy, so Charlie is going to be pulled in all sorts of directions.

At least I assume that’s the case. I watched the college football championship instead of State of Affairs soooooo…. here are my educated guesses as to what we saw:1

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: First Hubby Courtney B. Vance is the only person on this show who could match James Remar for silky coolness.

Level of Ridiculousness Meter: Someone high up in the Colombian government is backing the FARC? Outrageous!

Secretly Bananas Meter: 42-20. Amazingly, this is the exact score of Monday night’s game, leading to speculation that the Illuminati have been pulling State of Affairs‘ strings all along.2

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  1. I fully intended to watch this on demand sometime this week and see if there are any signs life in the patchwork dream that is State of Affairs.  

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