What Else Was On: Our Top 10 of 2014

Do not watch Stalker. Seriously.
Stalker (Photo: CBS)

What were you watching in 2014? Looking at our site stats, we have a pretty good idea…

Google Analytics is such an interesting way to pass an afternoon. Not to get all Howard Hughes on you1, but we can see what you have been reading on this site. The results are always a pleasant surprise. Here are 10 of the most popular items from this year.

  1. Rowhouse Showdown — One of the things we loved about this show was that it wasn’t an elimination-based competition. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be. After a disastrous kitchen reno caused by Krystal and Ted leaving written instructions as they took a day off, the show decided it would be better if they brought in an alternate team to replace the checked-out contestants. It was controversial, it was deserved, and it was far and away the most popular post on our site this year.
  2. Raising Asia — The quest of becoming a celebrity is always a cautionary tale. When that tale involves a child, certain moral questions come into play. We didn’t shy away from questioning some of the parenting decisions on this show, which is what made watching this Raising Asia fascinating.
  3. Love Prison — Although it seemed like we were the only people watching A&E’s dating reality show, we knew there were other fans out there. When the series got bumped to a surprise Saturday screening and VoD viewing, we continued the quest to document this show. The episode featuring Steve and Rachel was the best (or worst) the show’s premise had to offer.
  4. Netherlands — Conchita Wurst was only one of dozens of amazing things about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Common Linnetts, a duo from the Netherlands, gave the Queen of Europe a run for her money as the votes were tallied in Copenhagen. Their song “Calm After the Storm” was a beautiful ballad that managed to achieve intimacy in the Contest’s arena setting. The song went on to win the Artistic and Composer Awards in a separate ceremony. We got a shout out from the group on Twitter after we posted our review of their fantastic track.
  5. Stalker — We weren’t fond of the premise of CBS’s procedural. Rather than give it a fair shake, we tried to guess how many episodes it would go before getting yanked off the air. Sadly, we underestimated the lack of disdain the American public has for such programming: the show has done all right in its timeslot and got picked up for a full season. Dammit, America.
  6. Gavin: A New Fragrance — I mean, don’t we all want to smell like the captain from the Love Boat?
  7. 90’s Preservation Society — In our initial review of Fox’s Surviving Jack, we made mention of the show’s soundtrack. Apparently a lot of people were googling about that particular subject. Ch-ching?
  8. Nashville — ABC’s country music drama gets a lot of love from us, thanks to catchy songs and super-soapiness. Two episodes in particular caught your attention: Parents Week and Winterville Nashfest.
  9. House of DVF — It’s only been a little over a week, but we are already looking forward to this show coming back. We love that you love Diane Von Furstenberg as much as we do.
  10. Saved by the Bell Week — To celebrate Lifetime’s TV movie about the beloved teen sitcom, we recounted our favorite episodes, moments, and characters from the series. However, it was our coverage of Zack and Kelly’s Las Vegas wedding that attracted the most attention.

Thank you for a fantastic year! We are excited to see what great (and “great”) television is in store for 2015!

  1. …microscopic germs…  

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