What Else Was On: August 2014

Verlox poses for a selfie in the final episode of The Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

Compared to the Quest, the Killing, and Bachelor in Paradise, Doctor Who was the most realistic show on TV in August.

The Quest — ABC has never been one to shy away from super-quirky reality show concepts. There was The Mole (pausing to pour one out), last year’s Whodunnit? (pausing to pour another one out), and then this entry. Twelve “paladins” travelled to Austria Everealm to find the One True Hero and save the kingdom. And the grand prize? Getting to star in a pretty badass cutscene where the OTH got to vanquish the villain. America’s Next Top LARPer didn’t catch on, but at least everyone seemed to have a good time.

The Killing — Anyone who stuck with this show after the end of the first season was doomed to play the Bitter Ender’s Game with this series. Netflix inexplicably extended the game by decided to save it from a second cancellation with a six-episode fourth and final season. NO MORE!

Doctor Who — The Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, made his long-awaited debut. The new Doctor took part in some darker adventures, but still opened himself up to some hijinks through his travels. This was one of the best seasons since the reboot began.

Bachelor in Paradise — ABC switched up the Bachelor Pad formula and created a new “game” for alumni from their dating series. Bachelor and Bachelorette cast-offs were sent to an island to mix, mingle, and shun chlorine in the gene pool in a quest to find true love. It was the trashiest trash that ever trashed, and we watched every second.

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