What Else Was On: April 2014

Helena plays a game of arms.
Orphan Black (Photo: Jan Thijs / BBC America)

Clones! Babies! The 90s! And a clone of cooking shows featuring contestants who were babies in the 90s. Here’s what we were watching on TV in April.

Orphan Black — We were all blown away by the awesomeness of the first season of BBC America’s sci-fi clone saga. The second season continued with the introduction of new conspiracies, unorthodox fertility techniques (R.I.P. Extremely Creepy Cult Guy), more clones (MORE CLONES), and what we all wanted…a clone dance party:

Playing House — USA decided to abandon its trek into the realm of scripted comedies after Modern Family reruns failed to be a ratings boon and most of the network’s efforts were…middling. The exception: Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair’s pregnancy/buddy comedy Playing House. The dialogue was funny, realistic, and included some of the best throwaway lines that still stick with you, such as referring to Silence of the Lambs as “Buffalo Bill’s journey.” So glad this is getting a second season.

Surviving Jack — Christopher Meloni returned to broadcast with this Bill Lawrence-produced comedy about growing up with an overbearing father in the 1990s. As was the case with most comedies on broadcast (particularly those on Fox), this was left to languish with no hope of survival.

House of Food — MTV got into the culinary competition scene with this show, mixing elements of The Real World and Top Chef. However, the show tended to focus more on the drunken fighting than on seven amateur chefs trying to move on to the next level of their careers. We lost interest about the same time as MTV did, and the show was bumped to online distribution. Oh, and the winner was the guy who was added to the cast later and almost thrown out for physically threatening one of the female contestants. Slow clap, MTV.

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