Tiny House Hunting: Good Things Come in Small Houses

Tiny House Hunting (Photo: FYI)
Tiny House Hunting (Photo: FYI)

FYI spins off its hit Tiny House Nation with Tiny House Hunting, a look at the buying process for those who want to downsize.


Tiny House Hunting, which airs at 10pm Mondays on FYI.1


Prospective homebuyers hoping to downsize look at three tiny house properties, discuss the pros and cons of each choice, then buy one of the houses. What? No. It’s totally not Tiny House Hunters.


When FYI launched this summer, one of its flagship shows was Tiny House Nation, which profiled one downsize each episode. The show was a hit for the network, so expanding the brand makes a lot of sense.

What Works

Not to turn this into a compare/contrast essay vis-à-vis Tiny House Hunters, but this show is better equipped for the Tiny House conversion/downsize/justifying why on earth anyone would do this conversation. While the format of both shows is almost exactly the same, the presentations are quite different. Tiny House Hunting doesn’t just show the amenities available in each prospective house, but provides some explanation—either via the realtor of factoids on the screen—for why the amenities are there. Tiny houses are about more than just composting toilets2, and this show highlights other efficiencies in space and energy use.

What Doesn’t Work

This applies to both shows, but the first episodes of both featured couples looking for, essentially, getaway cabins. This feels like a bit of cheat, in that the stakes of having to downsize don’t exist when the users of the new property are just bringing an overnight bag. I suppose Tiny House Nation is the more appropriate venue for such stories, but this also indicates we will only be seeing people with disposable incomes able to support two (or more) properties. Class-y.


If you had to pick just one of these shows to watch, I would recommend Tiny House Hunting on FYI. In the episode I was able to preview, the clients were a gay couple from Boston who showed affection toward each other in their own special way. The House Hunters universe has featured same-sex clients, but it’s rarely (if ever) presented in a matter-of-fact way. Tiny House Hunting looks at design and functionality, which gives it the edge over Tiny House Hunters.

  1. Full disclosure: I’m friends with the production coordinator for this show.  
  2. THANK GOD  

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