What Else Was On: January 2014

Intelligence (Photo: CBS)
Intelligence (Photo: CBS)

We look back at what we watched in 2014. January was chock-full of…waiting for shows to get back from hiatus.

The Bachelor — ABC’s long-running dating franchise finally had its first person-of-color as the titular1 star. Unfortunately, Juan Pablo Galavais proved to be a self-centered jerk, with some of his prospective partners opting to leave the show rather than spend one more minute with him. After selecting Nikki Ferrell as his OTP/BAE/”winner”, Juan Pablo couldn’t be arsed to say “I love you” or anything close to indicating commitment at the show’s reunion. Spoiler: the couple announced their split in October.

Enlisted — The Death of Comedy in 2014 began here, with Fox giving this delightful program zero chance of surviving. Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young played brothers stationed at a Florida army base tagged with making life better for the families whose loved ones have been deployed overseas. The show was not always able to balance the wackiness of the other characters in the unit with the serious tone of their assignment, Enlisted was able to tug your heartstrings at least once per episode. If you didn’t catch this the first time around, seek it out.

Intelligence — This show should have worked. Josh Holloway starred as a CIA operative who had a computer chip installed in his brain that basically made him a wi-fi hotspot. Rather than solving crimes with cat gifs and weaponized Internet comments, the show became a self-serious, xenophobic mess. The good news: CBS learned their lesson with a successful launch for Scorpion and will continue pursuing the cyber-action genre with the upcoming CSI: Cyber.2

Opposite Worlds – “Social Media Experiment” was the reality development buzzphrase of 2014. SyFy hopped on the bandwagon with this contest imported from South America. Two teams would live in a Big Brother-type house split into two areas: Futurism and Primitivism. The home audience would vote on which contestants should get advantages and which should be punished throughout the competition, but uneven challenges (particularly in the finale) and a mostly uninteresting cast made this show a dud.

10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty — Spike put forth a challenge to all the Squatchers out there: bring conclusive proof of the existence of Bigfoot and you will receive $10 million. What resulted could best be called America’s Next Top Pseudoscientist, as the pairs of contestants presented “evidence” such as random scat samples, random hair follicles, and random plaster castings as they run around the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Spoiler: Spike didn’t have to pay out.

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