SNL Digest: Amy Adams/One Direction (12/20/14)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Amy Adams" Episode 1672 -- Pictured: (l-r) Amy Adams and One Direction members Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan on December 18, 2014 -- (Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)
(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Amy Adams sends SNL off into the holidays with a few other surprise guests on a pretty good Christmas episode.

SNL always seems to nail it when it comes to the holidays.  Whether there’s some sort of magic in the air at 30 Rock1 or just a cast/writing team that’s finally gelled enough to know each other’s voices, the 3 December episodes have been the strongest of the season for me.  Amy Adams didn’t quite nail things as well as Martin Freeman did last week2, but this week was still a great send-off into the holiday hiatus.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: A Very Somber Christmas With Sam Smith

Taran’s Sam Smith is ON POINT, you guys3.  But that’s not important – this made a quick zag to MIKE MYERS showing up and rightly skewering both Sony and the hackers that caused The Interview to be cancelled.  There’s been a trend these last three episodes of the cold opens not running overly long that this nicely continued.


It’s been long enough since the last musical monologue that I didn’t mind this one!  The back and forth between Amay and the monologue-crashing Kristin Wiig over how much flash an opening Christmas song needed was great.

Asian American Doll

I can’t adequately describe why this was made me laugh so much, but it perfectly nailed its “that’s on you” tone.  Go watch it now.

Serial: The Christmas Surprise

I’ve been waiting to see what SNL would do with Serial, and this nailed so many things perfectly, from Cecily as Sarah Koenig to the quick MailKimp tag at the end.

Office Christmas Party

This didn’t nail my exact office holiday party 4, it did nail everything that went down.  Well done, SNL

Weekend Update

  • Michael Che keeps nailing the delivery on his jokes.
  • The meta bit with Bobby as Kim Jong Un was very nicely executed
  • Keenan’s Willie was a nice new character
  • I’ve never really loved Garth and Kat, you guys.  Absence has not made the heart grow fonder here.

A Very Cuban Christmas

This was a very nice take on the now more open relations between the US and Cuba, but it sort of wasted Amy Adams. Taran’s impression game is on point when it comes to musicians – he’s done Sam Smith AND Pitbull in one night. Beck Bennett made a lovely (dead) Fidel Castro, Weekend At Bernie’s style.

Singing Sisters

This was my favorite sketch of the night.  There’s a nice twist at the end, and Cecily, Kate, and Amy make a perfect trio of singers with a weird drinking game.

Whiskers ‘R’ We

Give Kate McKinnon all the Emmys, if only for her weird old lady characters. They did this back when Charlize Theron hosted, but it played me again with lines like “a cat is a glass of champagne, but it’s a cat”.


What You Didn’t Miss

  • The family Youtube rap went to a weird place quickly, but it wasn’t that fresh of a joke5.  Also? It’s not online 6
  • Girlfriends Talk Show has never done it for me as a sketch, and this time was no exception.
  • One Direction performed.

We’re back January 17th with Kevin Hart as host!

  1. pollen from the gigantic pine tree?  
  2. I keep going back to the wedding and bear trap sketches  
  3. I say this because I had my first “music snob who knew about a band before they were cool and is now over the act once they’ve gotten big” moment with Mr. Smith this year.  HE WAS BETTER WHEN I SAW HIM IN MARCH BEFORE SNL  
  4. we were bussed offsite  
  5. even if the packaging was different – this is the second Youtube sketch the show’s done this season  
  6. and I didn’t recognize the song they were parodying, so I can’t figure out why  

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