Tiny House Hunters, Big Aneurisms

Tiny House Hunters (Logo: HGTV)
Tiny House Hunters (Logo: HGTV)

Everyone’s favorite realty/Dating Game hybrid has hopped on the tiny house bandwagon. Should you watch Tiny House Hunters?


Tiny House Hunters, which joins HGTV’s House Hunters franchise. It premiered Monday at 10pm, but will be peppered throughout the cable network’s schedule.


HGTV has found the latest niche in house hunting: tiny houses! Now the dramarama/schadenfreude/hatefulness gets a new dimension of tension as couples try to downsize and decide on whether they want composting or flushing toilets.


FYI had a hit with its series Tiny House Nation, so it’s understandable that HGTV would want to get in the game. The House Hunters formula applies perfectly and will look completely familiar.

Who is Tiny House Hunters For?

Part of the reason I stopped watching House Hunters original recipe was because the idea of a couple with one child needing a five-bedroom house with five en-suite bathrooms was ridiculous. That will not be a problem with this series.

What Works

Let’s be real: we don’t watch any of the House Hunters shows for architectural features or granite countertops. We watch for the interpersonal subtext among the participants. Tiny House Hunters has this in spades. In the premiere episode, artist Karen is humoring her sustainability-focused husband Adam in his dream of living in a treehouse. They are downsizing from their 750 sqft. apartment and he is really keen on having a composting toilet. Then you throw in the realtor who completely dismisses their budget and suddenly this becomes a power struggle.

What Doesn’t Work

It’s still the basic House Hunters setup, where one of the options will be selected and you can sort of guess which one it will be because the other two options are wrong, wrong, wrong.


I will be withholding judgment until next week, when FYI debuts Tiny House Hunting. That’s right: there are competing shows on this very topic. God bless America.

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