The Gracepoint Finale

Gracepoint finale
Gracepoint (Photo: Fox)


I was totally right about the Gracepoint finale. Not, y’know, in terms of who killed who with what and for why, but in terms of how things fell flat. And, really, what else could we expect out of a show that gave us a distant, rarely-building drift for more than half of its ten episodes?

Here’s the thing – there was some good stuff in the Gracepoint finale. I’ll go so far as to say there was some great stuff: Anna Gunn’s contained, raw reactions. Line deliveries from every male in her life. Virginia Kull’s continued awesomeness, even with little to do tonight.1 But all of it went into some void, a void created by a method of plotting that was so disjointed and content to substitute atmosphere for substance that, during an episode filled with (I assume) foreboding visual references to important places and things, I had no earthly idea where we were.

The Gracepoint finale has taught me this much: all of our instincts about Gracepoint to this point were correct; we should have listened to ourselves. Why I had a (clearly misplaced) faith that Fox – or any network, really – could turn things around on a short series, I’ll never know.

If the Luther import starts off slow, don’t bother sticking around.

  1. She needs an Emmy nomination for supporting actress in a miniseries. If she doesn’t get it, either a whole lot of amazing acting happened, or you should just sadly shake your head at the mere concept of the Emmy’s.  

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