State of Affairs is Sorta Scandal, Jr.

State of Affairs
State of Affairs (Photo: NBC)

Oh man, now I’m imagining Huck as David the Gnome…

Minor revelations from the fourth episode of State of Affairs:1

The pacing is better. I know. I know. Yet another writeup about pacing. But it’s true! State of Affairs will not, cannot survive if it becomes a series of emotional reaction shots or – worse – pointless transitions and establishing shots. It has not become those things. It was headed in that direction last episode insofar as it was heading downhill, gradually, slowly, in a not exceedingly frightening manner, but a direction distinctly downward. Which is frightening enough given network television’s general inability to course correct.

But to episode four – State of Affairs is still not filling its space as it did in the pilot, a situation I suspect is a network note to back it off just a smidge. People can’t keep up! said the note givers. At least we assume this is the case because we can’t determine what’s funny without a laugh track and even then we still pick the wrong sitcoms, have done so for years now, why are we talking sitcoms when we should be pointing out that the lack of quantity of good dialogue is at least countered by the uptick in quality of previously flat sections.

Pointed! The First Family both took major steps forward in figuring out their characters, so much so I’m thinking of an episode award to go with the ones below, something along the lines of the ‘Yes! THAT’s the Courtney B. Vance We Know and Love! Award!’ It doesn’t take much, really, to get there. It also doesn’t take much to fade into the background; there were some absolute duds of lines this go ’round (where have you gone, Other Female Analyst With Confident Line Delivery? And is that a family name? Germano-Cuban, I believe?).

I think back to the first (short) season of Scandal which I was told I could skip and might enjoy the show better for the skipping. Part of me thinks this might be the case with State of Affairs, wherein the particular brand of bananas needed time to gel.2 State of Affairs shouldn’t directly follow Scandal‘s model, though – they’re different sorts of bananas. Scandal is flat out obvious bananas. Don’t do that, State of Affairs. Be secretly bananas. It’s a good look for you.

This Week’s AwesomeFactor: Ehhh… They added multi-episode storylines, but the zingers weren’t happening.

Level of Ridiculousness Meter: 1) Can people just walk up to the carts full of burn bags and search through them? 2) That dress…

Secret banana meter: 6/1[redacted] – getting there.


  1. Mondays on NBC!  

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