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Jenny Mills on Fox's Sleepy Hollow
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A lot of my notes read ‘blah blah Abbie and ghost’, so… yeah.

Between travel schedules, ‘jobs’, and familial commitments, lovers of Sleepy Hollow Tanya and Mooch don’t always get the chance to watch an episode within the week after its initial broadcast. Fortunately, at least one of the pair does. Even more fortunately, the other of the pair is more than willing to make wild guesses as to what transpired.

This week’s transcript was edited for space, and a terrible set of puns surrounding ley lines. 

The podcast may still occur, one of these days.

T: Hey.

M: Hola. I’ve been watching Buzzfeed videos. It’s like Wikipedia but less educational.

T: Um. Which?

M: Well I started with the ones a friend of mine directed (the ‘weird things couples do’ series) and digressed several times. I think the mother/daughter tequila taste test was the highlight of the afternoon.

T: I’ve missed all of those.

M: Also the ask a lesbian with Cameron Esposito ones are great, because she’s great.

T: Good to know.

M: How’s your Saturday been?

T: Good. I puttered around, did laundry, did some work, ate ice cream for breakfast and lunch.

M: Really? Just ice cream?

T: Yes – Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s, because loyalty.1 Also had tea. But mostly it was the ice cream.

M: I wish I had some ice cream. Theoretically I’m shopping for food, generally, later this afternoon.

T: Well, ice cream is food. MAKE SURE TO GET IT. There. Mommy moment over.

M: You don’t get to babysit my kids; that’s the mildest reason I’ve ever put someone on that list. Oh, wait – I missed the segue! Guess what this week’s episode is all about!


M: Yes, well done. Whose?

T: Yay. Uh… The Mills? Also: does Ichabod every mention his mother, ever?

M: I… don’t think so.

T: And Katrina’s a mommy too, to Jeremy and the weird Moloch behbeh thing.

M: Yes all around – the Mills gals’ mama (the episode is entitled ‘Mama’, btw) plus our parallel of the week to Katrina.

T: Okay: hit me.

M: We start with a dream sequence.

T: Oh goody.

M: Because the writers are out of ideas.

T: Abbie’s? Ichabod’s? Hawley’s?

M: Oh that would be great. It’s Abbie’s.

T: Wait: I don’t want to see a Hawley dream sequence.

M: Why not? He’d probably be shirtless. Short sequence: Abbie runs around looking for the source of a hummed song, spies a cloaked, mysterious figure, and says ‘Mama?’ And then wakes up. She soon mentions that the song was something her mother sang to her all the time as a kid – so it’s not that she just runs up to cloaked figures assuming they are her parents.

T: I figured that was the link – lullabies, etc.

M: You are smarter about thirty second dream sequences than I. In awake-land, Ichabod is sick. But think’s he’ll be fine as he made it through the Battle of Saratoga whilst suffering dysentery.

T: Oh lord. Did he get ebola? SARS? Mad cow?

M: Topical episode, this – Ichabod got ebola while writing up a new immigration law for Sleepy Hollow. Okay – what prevents him from immediately taking the medicine Abbie got for him:

T: Choices!

M: a) he read WebMd and has some questions about her selection b) the color of the nyquil or whatever is ‘not of nature’ c) the childproof cap on the bottle d) ‘modern medicine may well have advanced past our ‘backwards beliefs’ in many ways, but when it comes to the common cold I find that traditional remedies remain most adequate.’

T: Oh I want it to be C so so so so badly but I bet he just looks around for quince tea or something like that and refuses nyquil until Abbie can tell him exactly what is in it.

M: It was C!

T: WAIT really??! YAY. Oh that’s excitin’.

M: Our wordless comedy quotient of the episode was filled early on. Abbie makes him take the pills, tucks him under a blanket in a chair, and refuses to let him come along to whatever Reyes (hey, remember her?) calls her in to handle.

T: Awww that’s adorable.

M: So let me state right now that this episode included EVERYONE except Abraham and I don’t get why they can’t do that normally.

T: Wait: no headless horseman? Sigh. His curls are growing on me.

M: It’s a wig. Oh, when Ichabod’s all ‘I want to fight crime!’ Abbie pats him and says “It’s quiet time now.”

T: Hehe. Go Abbie. (I can’t say “his wig is growing on me,” that’s just weird.)

M: Anyhoo – for three straight nights a patient at TPI has killed themselves and the staff have asked the police for help for some reason. And Reyes wants Abbie to handle it saying she thinks her personal connection will be a motivation, not a conflict.

T: Ummmm, geeee – that seems harsh, Reyes. “Here, let’s put you in the place that’s robbed you of family FOR YEARS and even now has your last most-former boss, and, yeah. go do good stuff there and DON’T FREAK OUT.”

M: Man. When you put it that way this plan really is ridiculous.

T: What is the “personal motivation” that Reyes thinks she’s drawing on?

M: Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to summarize this exchange – Abbie remind/asks if the fact her mother killed herself in that hospital is an issue here.

T: “Maybe your mother’s death is related.”

M: Reyes tells her she can do “Whatever it takes” to get the case solved. And then walks off. Tell me: is this the last we’ll see of Reyes this episode?

T: Ugh probably. Except, no, she’ll check back in on Abbie later and ask why Ichabod’s hanging out in a case that CLEARLY has no historical motivation and then they’ll be like, “actually… here is a pattern that dates back to colonial times, so yes, Ichabod is relevant (if a bit sniffly) so please overlook his involvement.”

M: Yeah, no, this is her only scene.

T: Bah.

M: Because it’s a lot to ask to get them to fill a script like they used to.

T: Okay. so when you say this episode had everybody except Abraham, you don’t mean they were gainfully used.

M: No, but they appeared! Seriously, how many episodes this season haven’t even bothered to put in Jenny just raising an eyebrow?

T: Oooooh q q q q.

M: Q? I mean, y?

T: So TPI has that one guy who says “hello” to everybody (also used as Ichabod’s decoy to see Crane) – is he one of the deadfolk?

M: I don’t think we even see him this episode, dead or alive.

T: Also: is Irving involved? There was that Henry plotline thingie about how there’s a dude in TPI who caused a little girl to become paralyzed…

  1. There’s an Oberlin connection, for those wondering.  

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