Three Things From Gracepoint Episode Eight

Gracepoint - Chloe and Mark
Gracepoint (Photo: Fox)

Remarkably, none of them are ‘I quit…’

No pummeling of equines, deceased or otherwise, this week – Gracepoint remains in a drift towards its inevitable1 conclusion in a few weeks time. Still:

1) I did not see that coming. By which I mean the end of the episode. By which I mean the pacing remains such a steady hum (or is it a buzz) that I was honestly surprised that the hour was up. Gracepoint is no longer boring; it’s just distracting.

2) Character moment of the week. No sign of our swinging CSI or Carter’s kid, but we weren’t at a lose for human moments, either. Susan’s freakouts over her dog being taken were true to the character, but the graceful touch this week was delivered by Chloe, dancing to her boyfriend’s music as she tries to escape the particular ugliness of her life at Gracepoint High. Caught by both parents, who clearly worry she’s off having drug fueled sex, she easily and cleanly becomes the family’s emotional center for the rest of the episode.

3) I swear to gawd… A new piece of evidence surfaces prompting a throwaway line from Carter that the killer(s) weren’t prepared for what happened at the cabin. The way Danny’s body was staged makes us think we’re dealing with someone with a real motive, a real plan – the term serial killer is now being tossed about due to the case Carter blew further down the coast. Scratch all that – no matter how well the body was staged or the crime covered up, what if killing Danny was never the plan? What if it was more of an accident? What if Tom and/or other younger kids, maybe in over their heads with something that leads to a fight, maybe connected with someone who can help them cover their tracks, are responsible for Danny’s death? Worse, though – what if this is a case where the kids did it, but it’s just a ripoff of Mystic River?

Quite a bit happened this week – the above doesn’t include a passable enough dalliance into the local priest’s past, the looming introduction of Mark’s employee Vince as the new Guy With A Secret, or Tom’s reappearance and his blatant lies to both parents and police – leading us back to the question: What the hell was Gracepoint doing for the first five episodes?

No, seriously, does anyone remember?

  1. We hope – gawd we hope.  

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