Survivor San Juan Del Zzzzz: J Walking

Reed and Jeremy play Pyramid on Survivor San Juan Del Sur
Survivor: San Juan Del Sur (Photo: Monty Brinton / CBS)

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Episode 8: “A Wrinkle in the Plan” — Exile Island returns and could be a pivotal move in the game if your name begins with J.

Previously on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: The tribes merged, but there was not as much intrigue as usual. The split came down to the couples wanting to take out the singles, but Jon and Jaclyn are weighing options. Jeremy and Josh are the prime targets from their respective groups, but none of that matters because Julie quit. This is good news for Jeremy, who was probably going home, and good news for me because that is one fewer J name to keep track of.1


#Huyopa Day 19. No one is exactly mourning Julie’s abrupt departure. We do have one pissy Missy who is now feeling vulnerable with Julie gone, but the overall gameplan hasn’t changed. It will either be Josh and Jeremy going home. Over at the beach, Jon worries that he and Jaclyn have entered into the “deceit” portion of gameplay and wonder what their long-term prospects will be. To their credit, both understand that the conversation at camp could easily become “Maybe let’s get rid of the power couple?”

Challenge Arena

This week’s reward challenge has two teams of five carting puzzle pieces from one end to the other and constructing giant pyramids as part of a temple. Once the pyramids are constructed, one team member will climb it to unlatch a statue which the team will hoist to the top of the temple to raise a flag. The prize: a Taco Tuesday bar with “chicken…steak…pork…vegetarian.” Probst makes the last item sound like unicorn meat for some reason. Teams are formed and Missy is the person left out, so she automatically gets nothing.

There’s nothing too interesting to report from the challenge. Reed, Jeremy, Wes, Keith, and Natalie take an early lead and don’t give it up. The pieces of the pyramid aren’t really puzzle pieces in that the larger pieces will be on the bottom since that’s how pyramids work. There is no trick to hoisting, so they win the tacos. They also get to send someone to Exile, so that’s back in play. Keith doesn’t want to send Missy, so the group decides to send Jon because he can probably take care of himself. Are there lava pits with piranha birds or something that the show isn’t showing us that makes it seem like Exilees are going to die instantly? This season would be much more interesting if that were the case.

Camp Life

“Are we supposed to be talking strategy now like at other rewards?” Natalie asks during the meal. That’s hilarious. The only strategy-ish talk that happens is Keith telling the group that he was going to vote for Julie last tribal, so if they had to go to Tribal anyway last week he would have no idea what to do. Jeremy doesn’t buy this for a second, but points for trying to play the game Keith. Also, points for trying to get Wes to avoid the supershits by eating way too much at the reward. Unfortunately, Wes doesn’t listen…

Back at #Huyopa, Josh tries to wheel and deal with Baylor. He has the gall to tell her she owes him one because he “literally put my neck out for you.” When was that exactly? Before or after you voted for her without telling her? Josh thinks Missy is controlling Baylor, so he tries to work his charm on Jaclyn. She says she and Jon won’t vote for him, but a lot can change in a couple days.

Jump to Day 21, where Wes is still suffering the effects of overindulging. Keith tries to interject some “I told ya so’s” between the flatulence, but Wes and Alec are too entertained by the bodily functions to notice. Jeremy and Missy are pretty grossed out by the behavior. Alec heightens the grossness of behavior by ordering around the younger women at camp. This gets reinforced by Keith, who says he would have wooped Baylor seven times by now on account of her laziness. Jaclyn notices all of this as well as the fact that with Jon gone, none of her so-called alliancemates have said one word to her.

  1. My notes are a mess, you guys.  

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