Patience, Please – Gracepoint Is More Than Halfway Done

GRACEPOINT: Detectives Emmett Carver (David Tennant, R) and Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn, L) question a suspect in "Episode Six" of GRACEPOINT airing Thursday, Nov. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX
Gracepoint (Photo: FOX)

He shouts into the void that was once Gracepoint‘s audience…

I get why Becca called it quits on Gracepoint. Half a short season had gone by and I myself only had a handful of positive thoughts about five long episodes. Granted I had even fewer negative thoughts, but all of us on this fair site have discoursed enough on the difference between being good and not being bad.

Here’s what did shake us from our slumber: The politics of the press, especially, heated up in the second half of episode five. Episode six brought along two little scenes of the sort that have been severely lacking throughout Gracepoint‘s run. First CSI Carlos comes out of nowhere to make a pass at Ellie. Both actors nailed the scene’s give and take and, whether or not it becomes ‘relevant’ to the bigger plot, added to the fabric of the town without tripping up any momentum the plot may have had. Similarly, we got a very British stumbling dialogue of errors between Carver and Gemma that revealed motivations, character elements, and bits of the show’s world with a deft touch of humor for good measure. Scenes like these underscore the sort of tempo this show could easily have – without sacrificing the gloom and coldness that it wants to be its hallmark.

Thus there’s a glimmer of hope for those who stuck with Gracepoint to date1 – the run is a mere ten episodes2 with only four to go, and the main mystery has barely been addressed, at least in a coherent fashion.

This doesn’t guarantee great TV of course – Nick Nolte’s pathos in episode six ultimately lacked oomph, and not because of his performance. Plus let us remember The Killing and even The Following with regards to shows manage to do little when they had even less space to fill.3 But the Gracepoint writers have apparently been sitting on a pile of scenes to compliment or support their Very Important Moments; I can only hope they have a few more left.

  1. Or those who dropped out, or never got in, but are thinking about watching starting around now.  
  3. I’m putting this in a footnote for various reasons. There was a weird moment in episode six that I thought was my TV for a sec – closeup on Mark’s hands as he turns an iPad around to show his wife a baby picture. Anyway, it seemed like it was in slow mo’ for no good reason… and re-reading Becca’s break-up note I’m suddenly wondering, and fearful, if Fox is doing some terrible easter egg thing, highlighting important moments with slo-mo, that’ll come off as awfully dumb when it’s revealed.  

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