Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘The Weeping Lady’

M: That it? We done here?

T: Yup. This ep really coulda been anywhere [in the run]. It tells us little except that Abbie and Jenny are gonna have a ladyfight soon over Hawley (how disappointing), Henry’s on thin ice with Moloch, Katrina might have some bad in her, but also is useful to moloch so Whoa, and um, I have no idea about Abraham, or who is playing whom. Bring back Reyes.

M: Gah, whatevs. We already knew Henry was on thin ice with Moloch… Oh, comparing the last two weeks to one another – Pied Piper is the better episode in terms of writing and acting?

T: This one was tighter but last one was better.

M: Really? I got the impression this episode was thin as hell.

T: Tight as in it was actually linear. It had a very straight narrative, and the cast list was tiny.

M: Unchallenging, in all ways.

T: Yup. Oh that’s a MUCH better word.

M: Thank you. I graduated from a very good school.

T: Say no more. I want a sandwich. I *need* a sandwich from all that.

M: I’m going to watch the Constantine premiere.1

  1. So, really – Mooch’s Friday night went from meh to meh.  

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