Why Watch? Sleepy Hollow’s ‘The Weeping Lady’

T: Last week we learned that Irving is Henry’s thing now, and yes, he was in the episode. He burned a bible with his rage-eyes after he had a vision of himself as a Henry thing.

M: Oh right the biblexplosion.

T: But no Irving in this one. Now, tell me: is the weeping woman of the title a) a revolutionary widow b) a manifestation of Katrina’s grief at being separated from Ichabod c) a random mythical creature that just happens to show up in Sleepy Hollow, conveniently timed and placed d) an ex-flame of Ichabod’s e) the shade of Mrs. Mills.

M: Pick three, I assume.

T: Or just one.

M: So the writers took it easy this week.

T: Yeah. it was a very linear episode, actually.

M: Man, I want to say C… D would be a good parallel with Hawley, but they’re so insitent about Katrina and Ichabod’s deep love…. so: A, the widow.

T: I WIN I *WIN* It was D!!!! (And we get to learn some of the Deep Darks of Ichabod and Katrina’s lurve.)

M: Oh no, seriously? Wait, what are the odds we’ll never hear about this woman ever again?

T: Well we can’t. Spoiler: she gets vanquished.

M: Ichabod’s vanquishing his exes now? Kinda makes you rethink your crush on him, no?

T: When they’re raised by Henry to kill people, yes, he is.

M: Oh, honestly – should have seen that ‘connection’.

T: Yup.

M: (BTW, watching MLS and eating soup)

T: Good choice. Okay. anyway. SO we’ve established that the writers like parallels. The last episode, the Piper? We had the three moms: Mrs Mills, Lady Lancaster, Katrina – all having to make horrible choices as moms. So *this* episode, we’ve got… Ladies Who Love Ichabod!

M: Lurv. Who lurv Ichabod. Also, LWLI would be a good CMTV reality series.

T: I’ll write it. Remember the colonial reenactor woman from a few episodes back (maybe even last season)?

M: Oh, same episode as the great Betsy Ross reference?

T: I think? Anyway: Caroline (for that is her name) is in lurve with Ichabod and he has to be all “thank you for making me pants and linen shirts, but I can’t love you back. But I will wear your stitchery, thank you fair maiden, please be my friend.” (PS: that’s where Ichabod gets his clothes. Hapless ladies who just think he’s the most committed colonial reenactor ever.) And then the Weeping Lady drowns her.

M: Awww… I liked that woman I barely remembered!

T: She was a sweetie. But she died because, you know, Weeping Lady.

M: (It was the Betsy Ross/artisanal marmalade episode, btw.)

T: YES. So Ichabod’s all torn up that Caroline drowned, and he and Abbie go to the library (the library!!) to do research on Weeping Ladies. I can’t even remember how they figured that one out. And also Katrina used her magick to send Ichabod an enchanted letter saying she loves him and will always be true to him and sweetykins wait for me a while longer I swear Abraham will be turned and in the meantime xoxo.

M: Odd, I wrote one of those last week. Wait, wait, go back – do we get some early episode teasing from Abbie about the nice seamstress lady, as if this has been a running joke amongst the gang?

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