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Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: Pairs is Burning | What Else is On

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap: Pairs is Burning

Dale considers his options on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
Survivor: San Juan Del Sur (Photo: Monty Brinton / CBS)

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Episode 5: “Blood is Blood” — It’s time for the tribal swap that makes the first third of the season completely irrelevant.

Previously on Survivor San Juan Del Sur: The previous four episodes were mostly meaningless (as is usually the case on this show).


Hunahpu Night 10: Jon immediately goes into damage control mode now that his bestie Drew is out of the game. He tells everyone that Drew told him “you’re either with me or you’re [blurrymouth] against me.” Darn, I was hoping that clip from last week’s “Next Time” was Jon going off the handle.

Coyopa Day 11: Wes receives the treemail, which doesn’t even try to rhyme or be mysterious. The short version: going to the Arena is tiring. You are about to get tired. See you at the arena. The tribe speculates who they expect to see missing from the Walk of Shame as the losing tribe enters the arena. Alec is confident it won’t be Drew, but we don’t hear anyone throwing out any other guesses.

Challenge Arena

After Coyopa takes their seats, Hunahpu does their Walk of Shame. Coyopa is shocked (SHOCKED!) that Drew is gone. Alec mourns his brother, saying he was one of Hunahpu’s best players. Baylor says she thought Drew was Mr. Popular. Jeff reminds Coyopa they have ZERO information so where the hell are they getting these ideas? He asks Josh for backup on this viewpoint. Reed better watch out: Probst may have decided Josh is his boyfriend this season.

As for today’s business: no duel, reward, or Exile Island. Instead, we get a tribe swap. Yay? Probst tosses a bag to each team, each containing an even number of blue and orange buffs. Here’s how the draw went down:

Coyopa: Keith, Missy, Baylor, Jon, Jaclyn, Dale, Kelley (3 pairs plus Keith)

Hunahpu: Josh, Reed, Natalie, Jeremy, Wes, Alec, Julie (5 singles, plus Josh/Reed)

The consensus after the swap: pairs can be dangerous in the game, but having loved ones around is nice. You don’t say?

New Hunahpu

The former Coyopa tribe members are rather concerned about the food situation at their new camp. It turns out Hunahpu was eating twice a day, which was great for dominating challenges but they are almost out of rice one-third of the way into the game. The situation gets so dire, the tribe discusses asking Jeff for another deal to get them more rice. When did Probst become Monty Hall? And how did resources get so horribly mismanaged?

On the social side, we learn that Josh and Reed have been together for two years and that they are waiting until marriage before engaging in adult situations. Josh says that level of commitment will allow them to power through the game. Um…sure. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Natalie are concerned about numbers. With three Coyopas and a pair, Jeremy and Natalie see themselves as in the minority. They think their best bet is to woo Alec to their side, which should be easy since he is almost exactly like Drew. It would be a good idea not to say that to Alec, unless you want to trigger the sibling rivalry impulse.

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