Why, TNT, Why Must You Have Made Legends So… Whatever?

Legends (Photo: TNT)

There is no emoticon to describe how I am feeling about Legends!

Oh! Oh, you’re seriously going to give me a line like “I don’t have to win… I just have to endure.” when I’m searching for a way to encapsulate Legends?

Thank you, show. I appreciate the small mercies.

Sadly – so sadly – Legends is turning out to be pretty much everything I said at the start, good and bad. Please, don’t celebrate my prognosticating brilliance. Sit instead, sit and mourn another promising concept laid flat in its writing and almost 1970s in its pacing.1 The Last ShipRizzoli and Isles. Hell, Leverage couldn’t sustain at least a season and a half worth of episodes somewhere in there. And so it is again with Legends, where a vaguely Manchurian Candidate plot with all the contemporary fixin’s (private military contractors, sleeper cells, Chechens, not all at the same time) is adrift in the beige morass that is its Clever Doling Out Of Secrets. Oh, it keeps suggesting interesting little suggestions2 but those twists are so few and far between that they’re more like speed bumps on the long, flat, highway that is my interest in this show.3

It also drags. I didn’t watch all of one episode, and at this point I can’t tell you which. I glanced at the time elapsed on episode six and literally said “Crap, I have half an hour left?” out loud. To my otherwise empty studio apartment, so, y’know, maybe I should be thankful for the small escape from the bitter reality of bleak existence that is Legends.

No… no… I am not thankful for this show. It has, in fact, violated the semi-cardinal semi-rule of this very website in that it has disappointed me. Maybe you could say it fooled me as well. It looked like a better-funded upgrade from TNT’s style, but it’s the same TNT stuff with more recognizable faces and flashier gadgets. It stayed in the queue thanks to the occasional interesting bit, but mostly because there’s so little to go in the queue this time of year.

Thankfully the leaves are beginning to turn (much like a previously trustworthy acquaintance on Legends!) which means something new and different, if not also interesting, on TV soon (much like those promised but rarely delivered legends on Legends!) and I’m going to stop with these stupid parallels now.

Bring on Gotham!

  1. I was just thinking about S.W.A.T. earlier today for no good reason, but damned if the parallel isn’t apropos.  
  2. Standard as it was, I liked the addition of his ex-wife as a member of the conspiracy.  
  3. Man, I am so good at metaphors. You all have noticed that, right?  

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