Checking in with Extant: A real live boy!

Halle Berry goes back to space in the Extant finale.
Extant (Photo: Dale Robinette / CBS)

Ok, maybe not quite Pinocchio style, but the Extant finale teaches us that maybe to be human isn’t just to feel, but to feel needed.

The season (series?) finale of Extant brought lots, ok a few, twists and turns that finally make sense of the show’s title, survival.   Since we’ve been gone, Molly’s met her son/alien/being and he looks just like her.  Unfortunately his other “parents” from outer space are desperately trying to dig into Earth as we know it and render humans extinct.  To that end Molly is send back into space to stop an infected ship from crashing through Earth’s atmosphere and bringing alien spores with it.

You see, this “thing” that represents the other half of her child is any and everywhere.  It has spores that attach to walls and doors and people, and also uses mind control to shut down the command center helping Molly (Halle Berry) return to Earth from her mission.  Enter Extant’s real star, Ethan.  I know I used to call him the creepy robot boy, but in few episodes preceding the finale he’s really stepped up his game.  He’s thinking and dreaming and in a final now-or-never moment with his dad makes a very human choice.

Handsome, hunky Oden, who Ethan has become quite fond of, has actually planted a bomb in the young robot’s body.  His dad, John, realizes that a phone Oden gave the boy to call for help isn’t that at all, but is instead the bomb’s trigger.  John asks for the phone, but the boy thinks his dad is just trying to shut down his operating system until John talks him down and allows him to make the decision to hand over the phone himself.  Crisis averted, for now.  Because back at the command center, Ethan’s the only one who can enter without being affected by the wrath of the half-alien boy.  He of course goes in after a heart to heart and a solid “I can do this dad.”  He’s heart and soul and a real live boy and then the system needs a human hand print for a necessary manual override.  Oh, boy.  But wait for it, this (robot) boy can raise his own temperature as necessary, but it will also likely set off the bomb and cause him to self destruct.  So his dad says no, then he does it anyway, and saves the day and his mom and the planet and consequently does self destruct.  However, not before leaving a final impression when his “computer” is turned on when Molly and John are safely at home and the boy is now “living” in all of their electronic devices.  Yay!! Success!!

But did the alien boy die in Ethan’s self destructive explosion…don’t fret, he’s still alive and getting into a poor unsuspecting family’s Subaru.  Does this mean we’ll see more of the Halle Berry Story in another season?

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