The Quest Episodes 9 & 10: The Final Battle

Verlox poses for a selfie in the final episode of The Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

It’s the finale of The Quest.  Who will emerge as the true hero, save Everealm, and defeat Verlox?

Well, here we are.  It’s the finale of The Quest, a crazy journey that’s taken us to some castle in Austria Everealm, plopped us in a fantasy world, and gave 12 paladins the chance to prove they were the true hero prophecy foretold.  This show turned out to be way more fun than I expected, and I came into the final two episodes anxious to see who would prove themselves most worthy.

For the last time, the producers remind us that it’s just a TV show.  Calm down, you guys.  No need to start a letter-writing campaign about if these contestants actually disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Last week, Letitia and Bonnie were banished from Everealm after another set of challenges testing their mental abilities, memory, and strength.  We’re left with four strong competitors: Patrick, Shondo, Lina, and Andrew.  All four paladins sit in their camp exhausted, knowing the final journey won’t be easy, but waiting to see what will happen next.  The Queen, Ansgar, and Crio join the paladins, dispensing with the usual kneeling/genuflecting formalities.  They begin to talk about the day ahead, but suddenly, a group of creatures straight out of Land of the Lost or Doctor Who start to appear in the camp.  Everyone flees, but they are quickly surrounded by more Rana.  Shondo’s reactions to the various creatures/challenges in Everealm continue to be the best – upon seeing the Rana, he remarks on how he’s always finding newer, uglier creatures around the castle.

Everyone is led to the Rana village and their Cheiftan.  A cloaked figure stands next to the head of the Rana, whispering in his ear.  The paladins debate whether to bow to the Rana and show respect, but Patrick sets them straight with a defiant “I kneel only for the Queen”1.  The Queen appeals to the Rana leader to have mercy on them, apologizing for trespassing on their lands and attempting to explain what they are running from.  The Rana asks why they should help the Queen over joining with Verlox.  As the Queen and Ansgar try to explain and appeal, Lina breaks through the pack and begins to explain that she and the other Paladins are here to save Saenctum.  After giving her reasons as to why they should assist in the fight for Everealm, she cedes the floor to the other paladins, who each have a chance of their own to implore the Rana to help them.  Patrick is willing to fight for a land that is not his own and wants Everealm safe for another 1000 years. Shondo runs through the reasons why HE is the one true hero and his prowess in battle, using his capabilities as reason.  Andrew worries that he has nothing to say, but honestly admits he’s scared of the Rana, but determined to do whatever it takes to defeat Verlox and save Everealm right now.

All this reasoning is for naught – the Rana Chieftan’s advisor reveals himself to be The Vizier 2, who has been serving Verlox the entire time3.  Ansgar is furious and futilely attempts to swing at the Vizier.  The Vizier mocks Ansgar and the Paladins, mentioning it is sad he was able to convince the Rana when the paladins were not.  The Rana Chieftan tell the Queen it is too late and send everyone to the cages.

  1. in all seriousness, this was a really nice unscripted moment that highlighted the show at its best – everyone was immersed fully  
  2. DUH  
  3. again, DUH  

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