The Quest Episodes 7 & 8: On The Run

There is not a lot of time left to save Everealm on The Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

Two more paladins are banished as the rest go on the run from Verlox on this week’s episodes of The Quest.

We’re nearing the end of The Quest, but you know the drill: this is just a TV show!  Producers tell a tale of bringing together fantasy TV and reality TV, then the narrator gives us the overview of Everealm and we’re back with the paladins for some more adventure.

Last week, Christian went home after his plan to specifically choose a losing team for the mission backfired spectacularly1, and Adria went home as the weakest member of an otherwise strong final 7 paladins.  The paladins were just beginning to relax with Sir Ansgar when a commotion broke out in the castle.

Everyone rushes down to the courtyard, where Verlox has finally appeared!  He’s a stony, ogre-looking sort of creature, which surprises the paladins, who seemed to be expecting him to be human.  As he reveals his power and cracks begin to appear on the castle2, the paladins, Ansgar, Crio, and the Queen flee to safety.  As they’re about to reach tunnels by the castle, The Vizier meets them right at the entrance.  Even the paladins are beginning to realized that this is highly suspicious 3 and doubt his allegiance.  He presents the Queen with a “protective” pendant, and the party continues on their way to safety.  At Ansgar’s suggestion, they stay in the tunnels overnight in hopes that it will be safer to find a safe place to set up camp after all the craziness has died down.

The next day, everyone emerges from the tunnels.  Ansgar informs the party that it may be safer near the front of the battle lines since Verlox has taken the castle.  Ansgar declares the quest over, which causes Crio to have a Very Public discussion with him about The Quest and Bravery and Other Things Which Are Totally Natural And Not Expositionary, Paladins.  This 4 gets Ansgar’s head back in the game and he has the castle guards in the group take the Queen to safety while he continues on with the paladins.

  1. although I’m not sure there was a way it would have worked  
  2. through the magic of ~projection~  
  3. which I’ve been saying FOR AAAAAAAGES  
  4. unsurprisingly  

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