Secret Guide to Fabulous: Not Queer Eye for the Gay Guy

The cast of Logo's Secret Guide to Fabulous
Secret Guide to Fabulous (Photo: Logo)

Logo tries to get into the how-to genre with its new series Secret Guide to Fabulous. In this case, “secret” means “insipid.”

It’s been 10 years since Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was the Next Big Thing on cable. Although the fashion trends are gone for now1, many of the tips on the show are applicable regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

Enter Logo’s Secret Guide to Fabulous, a completely useless half-hour from the producing team of Mark Consuelos (All My Children) and Kelly Ripa (Live! with Kelly and Michael). I’m not all that sure either has standing to be involved in this project. My all-time favorite Kelly Ripa moment was back in 2004 when Scissor Sisters appeared on what was then Live! with Regis and Kelly. After a super-abridge performance of “Take Your Mama Out” Kelly asked Ana Matronic what a “scissor sister” is. Ana makes a V symbol with her fingers and Kelly screams “OH! IT’S A SECRET HANDSHAKE!” Ms. Matronic was all “ummm, sure.”

ANYWAY. That superficial, misguided understanding seems to be the underpinning of this show. The four so-called experts have no chemistry with each other. Their tasks are a grabbag of randomness not unlike FYI’s The Feed. For example, the very first task two of the guys embarked upon was offering fashion advice to a straight couple on how to dress for their destination wedding in Spain. The tips were general—a jacket will raise the stylishness of a dress, for example—but it had nothing to do with the destination or the purpose. This was followed by a five-minute segment on how painting and replacing the hardware of a dresser can make it look snazzier. Um, neat?

Secret Guide to Fabulous comes across as a public access or college level production with a basic concept that has no desire of being fleshed out. I can’t imagine Logo’s audience gaining any new information other than saying “hashtag couture dot com” is a punchable offense. If you are truly in need of a guide, just watch this:

Secret Guide to Fabulous airs Wednesdays at 11pm on Logo.

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  1. wait another 10 years, they’ll be back  

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