Checking in with Extant: Not Without My Baby!

Halle Berry does not appear to be enjoying her Wii on Extant.
Extant (Photo: Sonja Flemming / CBS)

Extant, the Halle Berry driven CBS Sci-Fi caper, has just become the next great Lifetime Movie.

In case you missed it, and you probably didn’t since this Halle Berry vehicle is still getting lots of traction, things are getting real on Extant.  Molly (Berry) continues to have hallucinations, but now they’re more like reminders of the baby she used to have.  Unfortunately, this alien being she was carrying, and then not carrying and has now hatched, for lack of a better term, is not exactly human.  But we’re also not quite sure what it is, because we haven’t seen it.  What it is doing, though, is wrecking havoc all over post-modern-future-land.  Apparently Sparks, Molly’s boss, previously sent his own daughter to the outer reaches of the universe and she promptly disappeared, only to return now in both adult and child versions of herself.  And that is when everyone’s suddenly on the run.

The “Offspring” as everyone except Molly calls it, wanted out, and because Sparks, and his estranged wife, wanted their daughter back they’re now helping him/it/this offspring, escape the confines of the lab.  But Mr. Yasumoto isn’t about to let that happen, he needs it and is on the hunt to find it.  In a moment of weakness he tells Molly that the reason he needs the offspring is because 140 years ago, yep, he was in a mining accident and stumbled upon part of an asteroid that was leaking a substance that kept him alive in a cave for a month and now keeps him from aging, and therefore dying.  That was just as much of a mouthful on screen.  So he doesn’t want to die and has been looking for the original asteroid’s origin ever since, as the substance is running low, like 8 days left low.  So Molly’s all sorry I’m not sorry, but you can’t have my baby.  And Yasumoto seems to be a little onboard with a mother caring for a child.  The offspring does seem to have a soft spot for its “mom.” But now both Sparks and Yasumoto are captured for the sake of saving the Offspring and we still haven’t even seen it yet.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t gotten a lot of Molly running around and crying that her baby needs her

Meanwhile back at the ranch, er, house.  Molly and John’s robot-son Ethan is becoming more and more human.  As this shift occurs, John’s assistant gets a new boyfriend who also happens to be part of a pseudo-terrorist group trying to rid the world of artificial intelligence.  We also learn that both Julie, the assistant, and Oden, the boyfriend, have an artificial limb.  This is cute and worthy of a Tori Spelling-Lifetime cry for about five minutes before Oden starts trying to mess with Ethan’s robotics.  It’s all very ohhhh you have a robotic arm, I have robotic legs, let’s kiss about it…until you’re becoming a little too nosey and a little too close to Ethan.  Maybe there are no Lifetime Movies of the future to teach young limb-less budding-scientists that if he’s getting too close too quickly, you probably want to make sure your best friend knows where you’re going at all times, so she can come by later to check on you and know that when she doesn’t see your car in the driveway, something’s VERY wrong.  Pause for dramatic effect.

The one thing Lifetime, and it’s plethora of dramatic tales, has taught me is that crazy is entertaining and Extant is a bastion of crazy, er love.  With only two episodes left I can’t wait to scream “Molly, you in danger, girl!”

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