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Irresponsible! Index: Raising Asia Episodes 11 & 12 - Anthony vs. the World | What Else is On

Irresponsible! Index: Raising Asia Episodes 11 & 12 – Anthony vs. the World

Anthony tries to keep his opinions to himself on Raising Asia.
Raising Asia (Photo: Lifetime)

Anthony gets pushed to the limit on this week’s Raising Asia. Will Asia’s team learn to work together or is the damage irreparable?

Somebody needs to fire somebody on Raising Asia. Seriously. This week’s installments are a rehashing of Anthony and Billy butting heads and Shawn delivering empty ultimatums—most of them to Anthony. Either the Rays need to dump Anthony or Anthony needs to dump his clients because no one is being served well here. In the first episode, Shawn learns the ropes of what it takes to be Asia’s manager when he gets bombarded by notes from choreographer Ricky Palomino. In the second episode, tension reaches the breaking point when Shawn vetoes Asia performing at El DeBarge’s birthday party, even though he gave Anthony the authority to decide if she is ready. Anthony loses it, cusses out Shawn causing Kristie to lose it and almost shutting down the entire production. Oh, and Bella doesn’t like gymnastics.

Mildly Irresponsible

Asia doesn’t know who El DeBarge is, and we see multiple takes of her struggling to give an exposition talking head about her gig. Fine, she was born twenty years after El DeBarge’s heyday, but Kristie doesn’t get enthusiastic about the gig until she learns about all the possible industry connections. I have half a mind to bump this up to criminally irresponsible.

Moderately Irresponsible

The performance of Ricky Palomino’s Daylight Come goes well, and we get a sweet moment of Bella enjoying watching her sister dance. This gets spoiled by Kristie reminding us “you never know who is in the audience; she always has to be on her A-game.” Sigh. The intersection of art and commerce is the opposite of picturesque.

Severely Irresponsible

Shawn’s game with the Billy versus Anthony scenario is to deliver empty ultimatums to the latter. It’s like in the Survivor finale when one juror is all “tell me why I’m awesome or you might not get my vote” when that juror has absolutely no intention of following through. Shawn and Kristie are not going to dump Billy, so Anthony will need to accept it or move on. But Shawn’s constant egging on with bumper sticker phrases like “opinions can get people fired” is tiresome and not moving the ball forward.

Criminally Irresponsible

Because of the severe irresponsibility, Shawn goads Anthony along by giving him the power to pull Asia from the El DeBarge gig if he doesn’t think she’s ready. Billy takes forever putting together a new song1 but Anthony is satisfied with what is produced. It’s not mind-blowing, but the song is better than what we’ve heard previously. Shawn takes a listen and thinks it sounds like a rush job. Anthony says they should move forward, Shawn says he doesn’t want a rush job and pulls the plug. The next day at dance rehearsal, Shawn calls while Kristie and Asia are in the studio. The fight gets rehashed and Anthony loses it, dropping some (arguably justifiable) F-bombs. Kristie and Asia evacuate, but then the Raising Asia producers step in to get Kristie to calm down. It’s a confusing scene, as I’m not sure why the producers are trying to intervene. My guess: El DeBarge didn’t want filming at his party, so production pulled the plug and didn’t tell Anthony.

The dramarama isn’t what’s irresponsible here: it’s the lack of El DeBarge in our ears. For shame, Raising Asia.

The Most Heartbreaking Thing Bella Said This Week

Bella’s back! While Shawn accompanied Asia to her dance rehearsals with Palomino, Kristie took Bella to her gymnastics class. Bella tells us she hates gymnastics. “I’m not like Asia, I don’t like to be pushed.” Bella’s the best, y’all.

  1. why doesn’t he have songs in the bank?  

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