The Quest Episodes 5 & 6: Traitors In The Castle

Lina is caught between a rock and a hard place in front of the Fates and fellow paladins on The Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

Twice the episodes! Twice the challenges!  Twice the banishments! Twice the…traitors?  All this and more on this week’s episodes of The Quest

ABC’s giving us twice The Quest this week as we quickly wind down from summer into the fall programming schedule.  Whether a planned switch or a quick summer burn-off, it looks like our time with the paladins will be moving even faster as they prepare to battle Verlox.1

Episode 5 kicks off with the usual spiel from the producers: “If you’re wondering how they eat and breathe, and other science facts…”

Last week on The Quest, it was Battledome time!  Letitia used her speed to her advantage and outwitted Andrew AND Shondo, which is fairly impressive.  Ansgar wanted the paladins to stop being so nice.2  Jasmine, Lina, and Adria faced a skull batting cage in the Fates’ challenge.  Adria saved herself, the remaining paladins voted for Lina to stay, and Jasmine was banished.

The next day, we see the paladins helping out in the courtyard when another one of Sir Ansgar’s men runs up and announces that an ogre has broken through the castle’s outer walls.  Ansgar takes the paladins to the armory and asks them to suit up and bring a (currently disassembled) scorpion over by the drawbridge, then heads over ahead of them.  Suiting up is easy enough, but assembling the scorpion seems to stymie the paladins.  No clear voice takes charge of the assembly, and while the ogre appears and Sir Ansgar signals to the paladins to shoot it, their first attempt results in the scorpion falling apart.  Ansgar and the ogre do a lot of vamping while waiting for the paladins to try again, but ultimately it’s Ansgar who delivers the blows to stop the ogre from attacking.  He mentions to the paladins that some further scorpion training is in order, but he has another training in mind first.  Before the paladins can head over to said training, the Vizier swans by and mentioned that the kingdom is currently “better on the battlefield that with fulfilling prophecy” at the moment.  Considering that Everealm isn’t having much luck on the battlefield right now either, that stings.

  1. Of whom we still have yet to see the faintest image.  
  2. and start getting real  

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