The Quest Episode 4: Battledome!

The Fates

It’s raining in the temple1!  Crio and the Fates have their rain cloaks on.  This week, the bottom 3 will be challenged with “a test of metal against bone”.  They must use their sword skills to smash as many skulls as they can within a given timeframe in what I’d consider the weirdest batting cage ever.  Jasmine is up first and calms herself to focus and ends up smashing 5 skulls.  She feels good about her performance, and knows that at this point it’s in the hands of the two other paladins in the bottom to see if that will be enough to save herself.

Adria moves swiftly and smashes 7 skulls with ease, meaning Jasmine will definitely be in the bottom 2.  It’s all down to Lena at this point to see if Adria will also be in the bottom.  Lena knows this and the pressure seems to get to her, as she misses the first skulls chucked at her, but re-gains momentum near the end.  She manages to tie Jasmine’s 5 skulls, which means that Adria is safe from banishment for the week.  The rest of the paladins leave to discuss who will be banished that night.

Debate this week seems mixed, with both Jasmine and Lena thought of as strong performers.  Jasmine performed especially well in the horse riding challenge a few weeks ago, but Lena has yet to rise to her potential.  None of the debating paladins seem to be having an easy time deciding, with Bonnie stating that she’s going to let her feet make the decision.  Shondo mentions the “balls or whatever equivalent” Jasmine showed in the week’s challenge, which Adria quickly corrects to “ovaries”.  Back at the temple, the paladins stand behind their choice to stay.  In a surprise decision (at least to me), more paladins stood behind Lena than behind Jasmine.  With only 2 supporters, Jasmine hands in her piece of the sunspear and is banished from the kingdom, disappearing in smoke.

The paladins return to the castle, with Letitia feeling bad that they don’t even get to say goodbye to eliminated paladins.  Lena appreciates the support they showed her.  The next day, the paladins are back at work with castle odd jobs, including some prominently featured “move these dead animals over to where the butcher is” jobs.  The Queen rides through the courtyard, looking much healthier2.  She heads off just in time for another soldier to enter and collapse by Sir Ansgard: an ogre has broken through the outer walls3!

  1. or at least parts of the temple – the paladins seem to be standing in an area not receiving any rain  
  2. with Andrew commenting on how well she’s looking.  Calm down, dude – she’s already got a thing going on with Sir Ansgard  
  3. DUN DUN DUN  

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