The Quest Episode 4: Battledome!

Shondo and Patrick engage in swordplay in the Quest battle dome.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

This week on The Quest: Battledoooooooooome!  Which paladin proves themselves most ready for skull-crushing battle?

Last week on The Quest, our 10 paladins rushed to the aid of the poisoned Queen after the vizier barely attempted to cure her1.  After being introduced to the Hag of Pertwall and racing to collect all the ingredients she needed to create a cure,  Paladin Andrew received a Mark of Wisdom2 while Paladin Jim went home after (unexpectedly lopsided) voting from his fellow paladins.

This week: JUST A GAMESHOW NEVER FORGET.  We left our nine remaining paladins in the courtyard, aiding with tasks that the non-player characters usually do instead.  Something’s afoot.  All of a sudden, there’s a commotion in the courtyard – the paladins scramble to make themselves battle-ready as Sir Ansgard shouts at them that Verlox has finally come.  After more assorted scrambling around, it’s revealed that this has all been a drill.  Considering that none of the paladins appear to be in the correct-size chain mail or armor, this is for the best.  Shondo seems particularly relieved.

Ansgard asks the paladins whose fault it is that they’re not ready, cutting them off before they can point fingers to let that know that he is to blame.  He continues on, letting the paladins know that since they saved his Queen3, it’s his duty to make sure they’re able to defend her.  The paladins will be trained and tested the next day.  Ansgard asks the three paladins who have already received merit to choose who they want to fight with.  Shondo chooses Patrick and Jasmine, Bonnie chooses Letitia and Adria, and Andrew chooses Christian and Lena4.

  1. seriously, you guys.  This was a very obvious tell that the Vizier is The Mole and I refuse to hear otherwise  
  2. for his…speed in competing an obstacle course?  
  3. do the queen and Ansgard have a side thing going on?  We haven’t been introduced to a King yet…  
  4. although “chooses” isn’t quite correct here – Lena is the last person standing  

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