The Quest Episode 3: Step Aside, Wizard Man

The Fates

The challenge from the Fates this week is all about details and precision.  Christian, Bonnie, and Jim will each need to grind three different types of ingredients into powder1 and place the on scales so as to balance two rings and keep them from touching.  Of the three paladins in the bottom, Christian seems to have the largest disadvantage – on more precision-oriented tasks, it seems like he’d rather rush ahead rather than figure out the proper way to complete a task.

As the paladins start, this prove true – Jim and Bonnie take their time and are able to start grinding efficiently, while Christian starts using the wrong end of the grindstone and getting frustrated.  The focused approach wins out as Bonnie saves herself from elimination.  Jim and Christian’s fate is now in the hands of the group, as Bonnie and the Paladins go out to discuss who should stay.  Bonnie re-iterates that they should keep in mind whoever will be best in helping whoever the True Hero is survive to the end.  Both Patrick and Shondo argue that Christian’s time has run up – in 3 meetings with The Fates, Christian has been in the bottom 3 every time.  He continues to crumble when the pressure’s put on him, but other Paladins argue that he has more skills to teach them than Jim does.  It seems like either could go home after the discussions – things weren’t strongly skewed one way or the other.

When the vote finally comes, though, Christian’s potential array of skills to teach help him eke out another week in the competition.  Jim only had Shondo and Jasmine behind him.  He leaves the competition happy for the time he had2 and vanishes in smoke.

After elimination, the paladins are happy Bonnie has made it through, and sad Jim has left.  Letitia notes that everyone seems to think Christian helped Bonnie out in the challenge, but she knows he wasn’t making his best effort in their partnership.  At Crio’s request, the paladins help out with the castle tasks we usually only see in the B-roll footage with other castle NPCs.  As they help sweep, saw wood, and knot ropes, an ominous bell starts tolling – the castle is under attack!

  1. which is easier than it sounds since all 3 ingredients look like they’re made from chalk  
  2. as Shondo’s noted, Jim seemed to be the most into the story out of the group, which makes his leaving extra sad to me  

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