The Quest Episode 3: Step Aside, Wizard Man

Speed dating in Everealm on the Quest.
The Quest (Photo: Rick Rowell / ABC)

This week on The Quest: the Queen has been poisoned!  Will the paladins be able to find an antidote in time?

Last week on The Quest, our 11 Paladins met the Queen of Everealm, learned some horse-riding skills so they could defend her, and showed their skills in a gauntlet of challenges.  Despite strong horse-riding skills, Paladin Ashley was banished after a tight vote between the remaining Paladins.  The Queen rewarded the remainder with a nighttime feast, but things went south quickly after she appeared to get poisoned.

This week:  It’s a shorter version of the usual “WE LOVE FANTASY SO MUCH BUT THIS IS JUST A GAMESHOW CALM DOWN” clip1, followed by the narrator covering what’s going on for the players in the game.  Finally, we’re back in Everealm with the 10 remaining paladins.

We open in the Queen’s royal chambers with all the paladins and the Vizier nearby.  The Queen does not look good, you guys2.  She seems close to death, and the Vizier’s various cures don’t appear to be having any effect.  I’m a little suspect of the Vizier at this point3, especially how quickly he seems to think all hope is lost.  Sir Ansgard isn’t accepting his lack of a cure, and demands the Vizier write down the Queen’s symptoms while the Paladins go back to the common room to search through various scrolls there for a cure.

The common room is filled with a hilarious amount of scrolls, and the paladins start sorting through them to see if any cure for the queen’s symptoms can be found.  Everyone seems to want to read symptoms from the scrolls aloud rather than listen to their fellow teammates, so it takes a little while for them to get through the pile and start ruling things that don’t match their list out.  Finally, Patrick finds a scroll for a spell that matches all the Queen’s current symptoms.  The various items mentioned include a frequently-mentioned “dragon’s tear”, so they’re probably the focus of this week’s challenge.  Crio leads the paladins back into the forest to go find what’s needed to cure the queen.

  1. which, really, couldn’t we put this in a jaunty theme tune?  
  2. although her makeup job is very good  
  3. and not just because I’ve been watching a lot of the Dutch version of The Mole in my spare time  

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