Rowhouse Showdown: New Kids on the Block

Kathy Kuo, Carter Oosterhouse, and Jim Bronzie pass judgment on Rowhouse Showdown.
Rowhouse Showdown (Photo: Zach Dilgard / FYI)

Episode 6: Bonus Room — Anya and Alena join the Rowhouse Showdown just in time for the bonus room challenge. Do they have the right stuff to be hanging tough in this competition?This week we’ll take a break from the Tricks of the Trade of Rowhouse Showdown to take a look at the new team that replaced Team Lumberjack Sexy is Totally a Thing You Guys (R.I.P.).1

The new kids on the block2 are Anya and Alena, best friends from South Florida. Their last names both start with C, so they have adopted the team name AC2. They even had t-shirts made, which they wore through both days of this week’s challenge. Hmmm. Being from South Florida, their aesthetic definitely pulls from the bright colors of Miami, but mixes it with elements of the outdoors indoors.

Despite the latter part of their design instinct, they too had no idea what the hell “lumberjack sexy” was supposed to be. Unfortunately, they are saddled with the four rooms previously designed by Ted and Krystal, which may cause problems down the road. I expect the last episode to be a “touch-up/redo/overhaul” challenge before the final appraisals are performed.

But that’s down the road: this week’s challenge had the teams revamping a bonus room in the house. Team AC2 decided to make their space a seating area with a hot pink accent wall, white furniture with lots of colorful pillows, and a vertical garden. Unfortunately, since this show takes place in Cincinnati, the grass material the team wanted was not readily available, so they went with astroturf instead. This is the closest we have gotten to judge Kathy Kuo having a full-on conniption about a design choice. In judging, she said “putting astroturf on the wall is like putting carpeting in the hot tub.” Fellow judge Jim Bronzie was not as distressed about the astroturf, and used his critique to praise the carpentry in the space. ACfinished as the runner-up this week, so that’s not a bad first impression.

Team Clean Hands (Geoff and Josh) finished in the loser slot with a drawing room that was a bit too reminiscent of the living room they designed in week one. Though the judges loved the color and ski lodge feel of the space, the furniture layout was not conducive to conversation and distracted from the fireplace that should have been the focal point of the room.

That means Team Bridesmaid Minnesota (Katie and Dan) won this week’s challenge. They designed a TV room with an emphasis on whites and neutrals throughout the space. The most positively-received features included a refurbished trim around the large windows and the use of mini chandeliers hanging from the slanted ceiling as the room’s light fixtures. As the winners, Katie and Dan took $1,000 from the newbies, simply because Minnesota stole money from Team Clean Hands the last time they won a challenge.

Next week on Rowhouse Showdown: The backyard gets a makeover.

  2. I’ve already exhausted my NKOTB knowledge, so no more puns. Sorry?  

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