The Quest Episode 1: Bridge to Everealm

A Meeting With Fate(s)

The teams return to the Castle to wash the mud out of their hair and prepare for whatever comes next in their journey.  Christian feels he is safe from elimination, but Katie seems to have already given up.  Crio visits them in the common room of the castle and comes to show them something else on the grounds.  The Paladins bring lanterns to a secluded spot in the forest and enter the ruins of a temple 1.  Here we see the fates again, this time out of the shadows.  The middle one is my favorite.  The paladins up for elimination face one additional task – after this, one will be saved and the other two face the decision of the group as to who goes home.

Since Team Blue could not work together to run their scorpion, they will battle individually to save themselves.  Each Paladin will use a bow and arrow to aim at a series of rotating targets.  Their goal is to hit the targets with their opponents’ colors – the Paladin with the least arrows in their dummy will no longer be under consideration for banishment.  As the competition begins, Patrick and Christian immediately focus on Katie’s target and fill it with arrows, ensuring she will be up for consideration.  Christian shifts his efforts to focus on Patrick’s target as well.  When time is up, Christian’s target has the fewest arrows and he is deemed safe.

From here, the remaining Paladins go off to discuss who should be eliminated while Patrick and Katie await the results.  Going around the table, the Paladins try to decide who should continue on the journey with both of them.  Christian sees Patrick as a better ally for the group.  While Katie has an inquisitive mind and seems to pick things up quickly, Patrick’s strengths are already known.  At this point in the game, the group (rightly) decides that it’s not just about their journey – they need to make sure the person who stays can help whoever ends up becoming the True Hero make it all the way to the end to defeat Verlox.

Returning to the Fates, the Paladins are instructed to stand behind the person they feel should not be banished.  When voting is done, Katie only has 2 of her fellow competitors behind her and is marked for banishment.  She leaves her piece of the Sunspear with the Fates and disappears in a2 cloud of smoke.  The remaining warriors are up for many further challenges before the True Hero is revealed.


Despite going in with some hesitation, I really liked the first episode of the show.  There was a lot of exposition this episode (and twice as much narration as was needed – we’re smart people, ABC!  I promise!  Show us, don’t just tell!), but they’ve done a good job with the immersive experience (and the production design) and I’m interested in seeing what happens next week.

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  1. or a soundstage.  I really can’t tell with this show’s locations – the production design is really good  
  2. really cool looking  

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