The Quest Episode 1: Bridge to Everealm

Training Begins

The next day, the Paladins are rudely awoken by a shouting General, who hands them their training gear and demands they meet him in front of the castle right away.  Paladin Jasmine dubs him “Mr. Tightpants” and the rest of the team puts on their (completely AWESOME) warrior gear and heads down to find out what’s going on.

Sir Ansgar introduces himself as the head of the royal army.  He doesn’t like the Paladins and doesn’t care about The Quest, but the Queen’s asked him to train our heroes so they can face Verlox’s armies as they continue through the tests from the Fates.  With that exposition out of the way, we finally head to the first competition of the show.

Sir Ansgar leads our paladins to a training field on the castle grounds, full of training dummies behind a high wall of sticks.  He explains that our paladins will need to learn to work as units as they man the Scorpions to defeat these enemies.  The group will be broken into 4 teams of 3 – one member will be the runner, bringing two arrows1 to load the scorpion, one member will be the “eyes” for the team, looking over the wall from a tower and directing the third member of the team, who adjusts where the Scorpion is pointing and fires the arrows.  Teams have to hit as many enemies as they can in a limited time, and must do this will dealing with “enemy fire” from mud cannons.  The teams get divided as follows:

  • Team Blue – Paladins Christian, Patrick, and Katie, who immediately claims the “eyes” role despite Patrick’s insistence his background as a math teacher will help them aim better
  • Team Yellow – Paladins Lina, Shondo, and Jim
  • Team Red – Paladins Jasmine, Adria, and Letitia, who are excited to be an all-girl team
  • Team White – Paladins Bonnie, Andrew, and Ashley

As the contest kicks off, a few teams rise above the rest immediately.  The White team wisely puts Bonnie in the eyes position and works fluidly as a team to send arrows over the wall.  Lina is an enthusiastic captain for the yellow team (which features Shondo doing a lot of hilariously anachronistic yelling as he mans the scorpion), although she’s quick to admit she’s not actually sure how well their arrows are actually hitting the dummies.  Team Blue is struggling – Christian is fast at bringing arrows to Patrick, but Katie’s directions of where he needs to be shooting them aren’t clear, with her vague directions quickly being chided by Sir Ansgar for their lack of specificity.  Time eventually runs out and Sir Ansgar goes with his men to see who did the best job against the stationary hordes.

After the arrows are counted, the Blue team’s concerns that they did the worst job are confirmed.  Sir Ansgar seems angry and disappointed that they only managed to hit 4 targets total.  Team White did the best job, but with only 14 targets hit, Ansgar also reminds everyone that if this were a real army, they’d have been completely overtaken.  Team White selects Paladin Bonnie to receive a Mark of Leadership for her strategy and teamwork.  Ansgar leaves Team Blue with the knowledge that their time on this journey now rests with The Fates.

  1. and ONLY two arrows.  Three is right out.  

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