The Quest Episode 1: Bridge to Everealm

Castle Sanctum

The paladins reach the castle along with Crio.  It’s full of a bunch of people doing medieval castle things, like hoisting buckets of water and cutting wood using old-style tools.  As soon as our paladins get far enough inside, they’re sent to a holding cell while Crio’s taken away to meet with the Vizier.  Not the warm welcome they may have been expecting.  A few players (Shondo included) immediately start talking about escape, but enough of the rest of the group is focused on staying put and trusting the Fates, so they quickly calm down and begin to meet one another.  We pick up that Paladin Patrick is a teacher and that Paladin Letitia loves WWF (and would love to see one of the girls be named the True Hero).  Paladin Brittany really wants to be seen as unique and totally misunderstood, but the rest of the group isn’t buying it.  You’re in a group of people who signed up for a fantasy adventure, Brittany.  Being bullied as a kid and coming up with your own fantasy world as a result is the rule here, not the exception.

As evening begins to fall, the Vizier finally reappears with Crio and reminds him that these are his charges to take care of.  It should be noted that the Vizier dresses like a toned-down Liberace and sounds kind of like King Herod from Jesus Christ Superstar.  Unannounced of any seeming prompt, the Vizier launches into the history of the Quest, which first took place 1000 years ago and ended with the Sunspear being created.  Now that Verlox (the baddie from that first quest) has reappeared, legend told of the fates splitting the Sunspear into 12 pieces and giving those to a new group of warriors.  Oh, hey, that’s our paladins!  Dreams come true, the Vizier looks all shocked and swans away, and Crio leads our heroes into their new lodgings.

The show so far has been an odd blend of scripted moments (like the Vizier encounter) and standard reality show moments (the group meeting, getting to know one another, exploring the home they’ll be staying in for the show, etc.).  It’s been a very closely controlled Choose Your Own Adventure that reminds me of some Games I’ve been a participant in.  The immersion is nice, but I’m hoping the editors trust us enough to give more of the unscripted without narrating over it to make it fit neatly into a storyline.

As the paladins settle into their living quarters, everyone pairs up as roommates, leaving Patrick and Bonnie as the odd boy-girl pair.  Shondo is excited to live like medieval warriors did1.  Everyone is excited about the day ahead, and as everyone prepares for bed, a few Paladins worry about keeping their Sunspear piece close.

  1. in castle-themed hotel-style living quarters  

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