Catching Up with House of Cards Season 2: Chapters 20-23

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After watching Chapters 20-23, House of Cards could also be called Hypocrisy of the Underwoods. There are high and lows to watching Frank follow through with his “F U” mentality.

“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy and casualties.”

Hypocrisy (n): the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do. 1

Frank vs. Tusk: Frank and Raymond are both good at hitting people where they hurt. Their sparring goes on for most of Season 2. Frank realizes that Feng is involved with Tusk in refinery projects. Frank’s team (mostly Doug) convinces Feng to build the Long Island Bridge, but in order to do so, Feng is to drop ties with Tusk. Tusk retaliates by exposing both Claire’s affair with Adam Galloway and Freddy’s ex-con past to the media, making Frank and Claire lose people close to them. Frank retaliates by leaking information about Tusk and the casino Tusk is hiding donation money in to fund Republican ads against the President. This leaked information turns into a media article that damages the President. Uh oh. Looks like a calculated move by Frank. SHOCKER!

It’s like ping pong. You hit me hard, I’ll hit you harder. Eventually, someone is going to lose their s#$%. These episodes of House of Cards bring me to bigger questions about the show:

1. Is this show more than just watching Frank retaliate against those who wronged him, or is it a crusade against government corruption? President Walker’s closest advisor at the start of the series was a multi-billionaire with a “B”. Frank has wedged him out of the picture. Frank doesn’t need advisors. He’s got henchmen!

2. Is the show trying to show us how different, yet similar, Frank and Tusk really are? Frank and Tusk both killed animals, though Frank kills a dog mercifully that is in pain while Tusk kills one of his birds that’s squawking too much. AWFUL. Frank takes the cake in murder with killing off Congressman Russo and Zoe, while we are introduced to a new reporter named Ayla Sayyad working for the Wall Street… Telegraph (haha) who Tusk gives a veiled death threat. She kind of bores me so far…….

3. What are Frank’s ultimate goals? Looks like he wants to steal away the Presidency? Once
Frank reaches his goals, how will his behavior change? Will he continue to screw with and manipulate people?

Some subplots:

We learn more about the Whip, Jackie Sharp. “I like the pain of the needle… I killed a lot of people in the Army.” I could have guessed that. There’s definite chemistry between Remy and Jackie. Tusk and Frank are making that challenging for them to pursue.

Yup, lesbians. Rachel and Lisa. Nice of you, Doug, to let them have at it. Meanwhile, Seth, the new Communications guy who ousted Connor Ellis, is getting Doug pissed. Also, remember the hacker that put Lucas in jail? Well, that hacking device was legit and the hacker is tracking Doug. Will Lucas get his revenge for Zoe’s death through the hacker? Is Doug slipping up?! Even Frank questions Doug’s abilities.

Claire is meddling with Jackie and President Walker’s marriage. Talk about a major wedge. The Underwood’s are good at this sort of thing. Influencing her to get counseling. Getting the President to fire his aide 2. Claire: “What should we serve the Walkers?” Frank: “Cyanide.”

Also, porn!? Meechum is caught watching Frank look at porn. Awkward. 3

These Chapters can best be summarized in the following dialogue:

Adam Galloway: “I’ve never hated anyone before.”
Claire Underwood: “It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it?”

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  2. bye bye, Christina  

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