The Bachelorette: Rules of the Rose – Finale

Who will The Bachelorette Andi choose. WHO?!
The Bachelorette (Photo: Javier Pesquera / ABC)

The moral of this Bachelorette Finale is sometimes you just have to let it go and what happens in the Fantasy Suite, STAYS in the fantasy suite.


Don’t be the guy who couldn’t get over her.  Chris, Harrison that is, tells us at the outset of tonight’s “Dramatic” Finale that the guy Andi didn’t pick has been trying to see her ever since he wasn’t given the final rose.  Apparently he also stalked, tried to visit, her on a vacation and at the Men Tell All taping.

Do make The Bachelorette’s mom cry.

Do be able specify the ‘connection’ you feel with the Bachelorette.

Don’t say The Bachelorette is it for you.  You may not be it for her.  (I’m just sayin’),

Don’t be be too boisterous, Josh.  Homeboy came in to meet her family like such a battering ram of nerves and sweat we though he might spontaneously combust.

Do…wait….or Don’t….call the Bachelorette ‘Baby.’  Ok I’m not sure on this one, when Josh said it as he greets Andi I realized I can’t remember another Bachelor or Bachelorette use a pet name seriously.

Do be cute.

Don’t talk about the last time you got engaged, Nick.  On their last night together Nick tells the Bachelorette that the last time he got engaged he woke up the next morning and something wasn’t right.  Cue Andi at his door the next morning because, well something isn’t right.

This one’s for ABC, DON’T DON’T DON’T tell us one of the guys is still trying to get Andi back, clearly had to be Nick, Josh gives off a too-cool-for-stalking, er, school vibe.

Don’t come to ‘After the Final Rose’ and confront the Bachelorette as if you both didn’t know you were on a tv show.  Nick, everyone knows you don’t take the Fantasy Suite, out of the Fantasy Suite.  To be fair, Andi started it by calling our Juan Pablo after they spent some alone time together, and then she abruptly left the show.

Do be the guy the Bachelorette says she loved from the first time she saw him, period.  While it pains me to say it with the Bachelor franchise track record, Andi and Josh really do look…happy.

Now the only question is WHO will be the next Bachelor: Farmer Chris? Marquel?  Nick?  Marcus? Only time will tell and we’ll be watching!

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