Catching Up with House of Cards Season 2: Chapters 17-19

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House of Cards leaves me with more questions than I started with, and that leaves me frustrated and frothing.

Congressman Peter Russo is dead, and there is nothing that you or anyone can do about it! Thanks for the message, House of Cards, we read you loud and clear. Is Lucas completely screwed? Will Zoe’s or Peter’s death ever be avenged?

Might Rachel be a lesbian? Is her church friend into her? Am I reading into this too much? Well, Doug wants Rachel to himself. Sorry, church lady.

Is there something going on between Jackie and Remy? Seems obvious!

Will Claire get screwed by the man who is extorting her? Will General Dalton McGinnis get fired AND divorced!?

Will Feng have another threesome!?!?!?!? 1

Nearing the halfway point, I am starting to realize that House of Cards replaces characters who were killed off or “disgraced” off with fresh faces! I still miss Zoe.

Imagine you are stuck in a room with someone you cannot stand for four hours. No wi-fi. No phone. No nothing. Frank and Donald Blythe spar, and we learn the pleasures of anthrax and quarantine coupled with heavy dementia, as Donald’s wife has advanced Alzheimer’s.

“Have you ever been pregnant?”… ice queen? Claire answers yes and that it was aborted IN HER LIVE INTERVIEW. Privately, we learn that she’s actually been pregnant thrice. THEN SHE IMPLICATED GENERAL MCGINNIS ON LIVE TV. Later, we learn the rape and her abortions are not connected. 2

“Sir, your wife is on the phone.”

It’s kind of funny/scary/gross how Chapter 18 opens. Feng is a sexual deviant, while Tusk is in bed with the president. 3

Frank announces, “And now, a moment of silence and prayer for the dead.” 4 The Civil War stuff is interesting (boring), and Frank learns that a relative of his died in the war. Whatever.

“We’ve got Lucas Goodwin.” Doug Stamper succeeds in ruining Lucas’s life by letting Lucas ruin his own life. We see blood spat in Lucas’s face as he walks through prison. Poor Janine cannot get away from her former life and is forced to sign away her right to help Lucas or do anything. Lucas commissions Tom to write an article, but it gets tossed.

“He’s going to get away with it, isn’t he?” Lucas asks to Janine.
“He is,” she responds.

Rachel and Doug. Clearly, Rachel wants him. Clearly, Doug wants her. Even lesbian church lady wants Rachel. Rachel and Doug have had relations before. Doug does care about her even though he would prefer she has no friends or family. Talk about a trip to the fun house. Where do I sign up!?!?!?

Claire is extorted by the very evidence that could destroy her. Enter Seth Grayson, her new communications guy, also extortionist. Talk about big huge humongous cajones! We see Claire moving onto destroying Christina’s career, Russo’s past girlfriend. Whatever happened to Claire’s old job? I guess pregnant lady took over?

Jackie is Majority Whip. No surprise. And she and Remy are… no surprise.

So now, “Cult of Tusk: Membership ZERO”. Tusk shuts down power plants across several states, while Frank tries to pitch at an Oriole’s game. So, this is what happens when you piss a billionaire off?

  1. Pls don’t.  
  2. WTF WTF WTF  
  3. insert Frank’s foot  
  4. Are you effing kidding me!?!?  

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