Catching Up with House of Cards Season 2: Chapters 15-16

Source: Netflix

Frank exhausts me with his ability to turn multiple groups of people against each other all at the same time. His plots are a derisive commentary on human interaction, which is what House of Cards is all about.

Who decides your path? Is it you or someone else? Are you being manipulated?

Frank’s fate is decided by someone writing it down. House of Cards makes you wonder who controls what’s in your own “Cards”? 1

I’d like to see Frank fail. Sorry, Frank. Don’t kill me. Pretty please.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the framed picture of Frank and Bill Clinton together on cell phones!

“Congratulations, Mr. Vice President.” Frank’s house is a mess of contractors and noise due to the Secret Service upping the security because Frank refuses to move. All noises disappear as Frank is sworn in as VP. CRINGE MUCH!?

Sorry to say Thankfully, Frank has slowed his murder count. No one dies in these two episodes, but a few people’s lives are shattered. Ehhhhhh.

Webb and Buchwalter, the two senior candidates for the Majority Whip spot, are a hot mess. As predicted. Jackie, the woman of choice in Frank’s corner, just destroyed her mentor’s career. Ohhhh, how very Frank Underwood of her!

“The Cult of Tusk: Membership 1.” Frank puts a huge wedge between the President and his most trusted advisor, Raymond Tusk, by having Secretary of State Durant cause friction with China.

“Don’t cause a scene, Frank.” We learn Claire Underwood was raped by the same man Frank was asked to pin a medal to.

“This case is closed.” Lucas goes underground looking for answers into Zoe’s death and finds a hacker who claims to be able to get Frank’s phone records. Doug is aware and is on the move.

Jackie’s discreetly enters a tattoo parlor, asking for a tattooed flower to be filled in. The tattoo artist warns her about it being too much at one time. As the ink hits her skin, she sinisterly looks like she’s enjoying it.

Claire vs. Jackie. It’s too early to tell who’s the stronger woman, but if I wanted someone in my corner, it would be Claire. Jackie is too self-centered to care about anyone, but she’s also Frank’s puppet. Claire has no one pulling her strings and makes all of her own choices for the betterment of the Frank and Claire team. Will Jackie break away from Frank once she becomes Whip? Frank underestimates Jackie and the pleasure she gets out of causing pain. She’s a honey badger. She don’t care.

Lucas is getting into unfamiliar territory, signing and agreeing to illegal things, seeking revenge for Zoe’s death at any cost. Doesn’t look good. I miss Zoe already.2

“You let me know if anyone contacts you.” Doug is smothering Rachel. Meanwhile, she tries to contact her mother and makes a new friend. Poor, Rachel.

Frank puts another big wedge between the President and Tusk in retirement age entitlement reform. We see Tusk looking pissed. Meanwhile, Frank pits a ton of Senators against each other.

Chapter 16 ends with Frank Underwood behind the President, noting “I’m only 3 feet away.” We see you, Frank, you crazy mofo.

  1. Go mind your own “Cards!”!  
  2. Don’t you!?  

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