Going Deep with Going Deep with David Rees

David Rees does not approve of the way you tie your shoes.
Going Deep with David Rees (Photo: True Entertainment / National Geographic Channel)

National Geographic goes back to the basics in their hilarious new infotainment series Going Deep with David Rees.


Going Deep with David Rees, which airs back-to-back episodes on Mondays at 10pm on National Geographic Channel.


David Rees demands nothing but the best in life and does not skimp on the basics. This series explores such topics as “How to Make and Ice Cube” and “How to Tie Your Shoes.”


Rees is probably best known for his web comic Get Your War On, though most recently he has been working as an artisanal pencil sharpener. This show seems like the logical next step. The show fits in with NatGeo’s other science-y shows, such as Showdown of the Unbeatables and Mind Games.

Who is Going Deep with David Rees For?

If you have ever screamed “Enough science! GIMME GIMME GIMME!” you will probably appreciate this show. This is also good for those of us who enjoy science without all of the pesky data collecting and lab work.

What Works

Rees really does dig deep in exploring the topic at hand. This isn’t a program where a panel of experts show up to demonstrate different techniques for 22 minutes—that would be beyond boring. Instead, Rees asks a fundamental question, such as “What is ice?” or “What is dirt?” and then builds on that knowledge while consulting with experts. However, Rees is enthusiastic, impatient, and a little self-centered, leading to some awesome interactions. Thankfully, the guests so far have been playing along. Each episode ends with a rundown of the proper technique to achieve maximum results.

What Doesn’t Work

Rees’ sense of humor and approach is not going to be for everyone. It doesn’t get as crass or aggressive as GYWO, but it is wittier than NatGeo’s standard fare.


Although it was the second episode to air, start with How to Tie Your Shoes and then decide. Also, try the shoe-tying method suggested by Going Deep with David Rees—it works!

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