Catching Up on House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1: Chapter 14

Frank Underwood's Cufflinks
House of Cards (Screen: Netflix)

Aaron Fox is finally getting around to catching up on the second season of House of Cards. Are big things in store for Zoe?

Hi, I’m Aaron Fox, not the other Aaron. Have you ever killed anyone? If your answer is no, you’re probably not Representative Francis (Frank) Underwood.

Sociopath (n): someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent way towards other people and does not feel guilty about such behavior.1

“Anything cheap goes to the interns, and you know what to do with the cards.” Frank is on the move to the top of his version of the food chain. He finds ways of controlling ANYONE in his path. Is Frank a sociopath?

I thought it was funny, but has anyone noticed this series could be one big, massive iPhone commercial?!

Chapter 13, the final episode of Season 1 of House of Cards ended with Frank and Claire Underwood running in the park together. Isn’t that sweet…? Chapter 14 begins exactly where Chapter 13 left off. Frank and Claire, exasperated, blow through this episode unflinchingly. Even the opening credits remain the same.

Frank leaves his cell phone at home, while Doug was trying to call him. Doug informs Frank that Zoe and Janine (Doug doesn’t know about Lucas) are reaching out to Rachel and Christina regarding the suicide (murder) of Congressman Peter Russo. No big surprise here!

Enter Jacqueline (Jackie) Sharp, Frank’s new friend, former war hero, and “third term congresswoman”. Another person he can control. Frank taps her to run for Majority Whip in his place. The other candidates have been waiting their LIFE for the job of Majority Whip. Kevin Spacey don’t care!

Doug makes Rachel quit her job and move, so Zoe and Company can’t find her. Meanwhile, Lucas digs up something we’ll learn more about later in the season. Zoe goes looking for Rachel at the restaurant and doesn’t find her. Clearly, Frank is steps ahead AS USUAL.

“I’m willing to let your child wither and die inside you if that’s what’s required,” Claire says with pleasure.2 Claire alerts the wife of Gillian’s baby daddy and Gillian’s insurance gets canceled, hitting her pregnant weak spot. OH SNAP. Gillian comes crying to Claire, who in turn, gives her an ultimatum: lose the baby or WTF CLAIRE WOULD RESIGN FOR GILLIAN TO STEP IN?!? In what polar vortex does this make sense!?!?

Shortly before… WTF FRANK PUSHES ZOE ONTO ONCOMING SUBWAY TRAIN!?!? …we see Frank eating a plate of ribs cooked by Freddy who describes how the hogs are slowly bled (illegally and inhumanely). “The humane way to do it is make it quick,” said Freddy. “Bring out a bucket of slop like it’s feeding time and…BAM!” Zoe is dead. I just sat there shocked but had no time to react because the scene changed immediately with no pause! Viewers will miss her!

Janine packs up for Ithaca (I’m right there behind you, girl). And Lucas is… well, he’s just Lucas. The crack team of reporters are all washed up in the case against “F U”, or are they….

One thing I have come to realize about this show is that no one matters except Frank and Claire. So should you, reader.

We later see Claire is unfazed by Zoe’s death. Ice queen. This is the same woman who would be willing to allow Gillian’s baby to “wither and die” by her hand. Meechum is seen at the end of the episode thanking Frank for his promotion to the Secret Service and giving Frank the cufflinks after all, which are Frank’s initials — “F U”. Hats off to the writers for pointing this out, you crazy SOBs.

  1. Credit: Merriam-Webster  
  2. It’s not hard to tell this was her moment in the episode.  

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