Clone Club Minutes: Two by Two in Orphan Black

Sarah considers her dwindling options in the second season finale of BBC America's Orphan Black.
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #10: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried— in the Season Finale of Orphan Black we learn that the Dyad and its masterminds really were playing God.So Sarah surrenders herself to the Dyad in the hope of saving Kira, but soon realizes that may not be so easy.  Luckily as her body weakens, Cosima’s brain is at full capacity and she devises a brilliant plan to have Kira send a drawing to her mom that really shows Sarah how she can escape with Kira.  It works and mother and daughter make it out and back to Felix.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s still trying to get the genetic sequences from Dr. Duncan, that is until he accepts an offer of tea, using his own bag, conveniently laced with poison to force the secret of the sequences to die with him, or so we think.  Little does everyone know, but the key to clone-life is hidden in the pages of the copy of The Island of Dr. Moreau that Dr. Duncan gave to Kira – that luckily Cosima finds while reading to the little girl.  But Delphine’s already been taken off Clone Club Duty so she probably won’t be much help next season.

In the first All Clone Club Meeting – Cosima, Sarah, Alison and Helena (of course) are all in the same room at the same time and we’re a little amazed at the special effects work necessary for one actress to play everyone at once.  But just as quickly as the happy family is brought together, Helena tries to leave in the middle of the night, but is captured by the military.  Little does anyone know that Mrs. S seems to have made a deal with the devil, errr Dyad, to save everyone else.

Meanwhile, our first heroine, Sarah, made a deal of her own during her Dyad escape and must now meet with Marian, head of Dyad’s funder, TopSide.  Which apparently is also continuing to fund a similar project, Project Lita, for the military.  It seems there’s one more clone in the clone club, her name is Charlotte and she’s 8 years old, the last of the female “clones.”  That’s right, while the Dyad has been creating female clones, the Military has been using the Bourne Identity (see how I did that there) to make its own ultimate fighting machines, and they all look like our Prolethian escapee, Mark.  Next season…Clone Club Wars?

Clone of the Week: Cosima

She’s dying, right, she knows it and we know it and we’re not sure that now that she has the code and the key for the code that she even has time to save herself. But this lovely lady isn’t just a geneticist, she’s also apparently able to MacGyver a makeshift gun from a fire extinguisher and a pencil, allowing her sister Sarah to escape.

Monitor Watch

Mrs. S – She’s not exactly a monitor, not officially anyway, so in that sense she’s the best kind of monitor.  We have NO idea what she has up her sleeve, but her sole interest seems to be keeping Kira safe, and if that means also keeping Sarah safe, she’ll do that too.  Hopefully next season we’ll get a bit more insight into this mysterious woman who used to wear dresses and serve tea and now is decked out in camo and slugging whiskey, well maybe not the whiskey, yet.

Honorable Mention

The writers.  I was honestly concerned with what might be afoot this season.  It started slow and like a hodgepodge of clones coming together and then falling apart, but not once did I suspect new, different, male clones.  I, we, should have, right?  If you’re playing God you have to be going all the way, and maybe we should have known – Mark was in the military, this Grace and Mark love story was kept up a little too long and a little too prominently, they had to be onto something.  And they, he was onto something, or off of something, off the clone club reservation.

Until next time – which hopefully isn’t a whole year.  Clone Club, out.

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