Clone Club Minutes: Baby mine, don’t you cry.

Delphine waits by Cosima's bedside on Orphan Black.
Orphan Black (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode #9: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done — Clone offspring, on the rise!This week the Clone Club Minutes hold few surprises.  Kira agrees to donate bone marrow to help Auntie Cosima, even though I’m sure she had no idea of the pain she was in for.  But Cosima’s growths have spread to her lungs and Delphine needs to buy her some time until Dr. Duncan can get his synthetic genome project back up and running.  Following Kira’s procedure Rachel tricks everyone and kidnaps Kira, fully prepared to subject her to the kind of life she lead as a child.

Alison and Donny are still trying to clean up dead Dr. Leekie and after wrapping him in a polka-dotted table cloth, difficult because he’s so “asymmetrical,” they decide the best move is to cement him under their garage.  In doing so they’ve attracted the attention of Vic and rogue officer Angela DeAngelis, who is confronted by newly bad-ass Donny.  Subsequently Alison is turned on by her newly empowered husband and proceeds to, ahem, show her affection in a way only a British cable network after 9pm on a Saturday could, complete with a Donny-booty shot.

Over in creepy-crazy town. Helena is finally implanted with her “babies,” fathered by creepy-cult leader.  But all hell breaks lose when she finds out he’s also implanted her “babies” into his own daughter, Grace.  Who you’ll remember tried to kill Helena earlier in the season.  Well, now they’re getting along and try to escape before creepy-cult leader catches them only to be tackled by Helena and end up in stirrups on an exam table itself.

Clone of the Week: Helena

it was a close call until that final scene with Mr. Creepy-Cult (Prolethian) Leader himself sprawled on the exam table, stirrups and all and he’s begging her not to,  and you see the size of the needle she’s about to use to uh “implant” specimens from some less human farm friends.  Oh boy.

Monitor Watch

With Dr. Leekie down for the count.  Delphine is asked to be Interim Director of the Dyad Institute.  Remember when she was just a student last season? As much as we trust the Frenchwoman, after effectively convincing Sarah to ask her daughter to go through the painful process of bone marrow extraction, she apparently goes along with Rachel’s plot to keep Sarah busy while Rachel impersonates her “sister” and steals her child.  Our only solace is in what we think may be Delphine’s confession to Cosima.

Honorable Mention

So all season I’ve been referring to Crazy-Cult Leader’s henchman as “Cult Guy” or “Cult Dude” or “The Prolethain Guy” when in reality he HAS a name, and on this episode I found out it’s Mark, and he’s really a nice young man who very much loves Grace and isn’t going to stand by and let Crazy-Cult Leader (does HE have a name) hurt her anymore.  Ok, he kind of was still just standing around until Helena came to the rescue, but we still love ya Mark!

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